NOPD, sanitation workers, and God

I am amazed with the job that the NOPD do. They have crowd control down to an art. They have probably written the books on how to control a crowd and clear a street. It is amazing to watch them clear a street for a parade.  I think my bucket list will include being on Bourbon St at midnight on Fat Tuesday.  I have watched them clear that famous street on the news for two years. It must be awesome to watch it in person 🙂

I am amazed with the sanitation departments of Orleans and Jefferson Parish. They have street clean up down to an art. They can clean Napoleon Ave in uptown New Orleans after three Mardi Gras parades faster than I can clean our 4 bedroom apartment. They are in the business of cleaning!

I am amazed with God’s provisions. I have recently been worried about things that have cluttered my mind and my attitude – kids, work, bills, etc, etc. But God has my worries down to an art. Paul writes to the Philippians “Do not be anxious about anything.” I say, “God, I am a worrier by nature!” He knows that! He wants to de-clutter my thoughts and my attitude. And He knows exactly how to do that. SO….will I stop worrying!?! I will try – I will turn it over to Him daily and know that He loves me even when I do worry.

NOPD, sanitation workers, and God – I have been blessed to watch each do their work. NOPD and the sanitation workers have amazed me through Carnival season. God has amazed me throughout my life – and especially on the journey we are on at this. Not because He hasn’t always been there but because I haven’t always been willing to turn it over to Him. It is so much better with Him leading than I ever imagined it could be!

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Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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