Dolphin Tales – great movie

After working through most of the curriculum from the Homeschool Movie Club for the movie Dolphin  Tales, we went to see the movie today.  It was a few days after the big homeschool event across the country, but it was the first day we could go. Better late than never. It was a great movie! It was kid friendly – no pottymouth, no sexual content, no wizardary or witchcraft, no teen craziness. It was homeschool friendly. One of the kids in the movie (the very talkative, SOCIAL one) stated that she was homeschooled. Imagine that – a homeschool child that is talkative, social, and well adjusted!

We used some of the curriculum from the Homeschool Movie Club in our homeschool science lab co-op. We learned about density, bouyancy, water columns, and echolocation. We also learned lots of dolphin fun facts.  The kids loved it! And so did I 🙂

Yesterday we made learned all about jellyfish. We now have jellyfish hanging from the ceiling.

I was a little disappointed that we could not find the movie poster to take our picture with. But it probably would not have been very good because we all had red, puffy eyes. Definitely take some tissue when you go see the movie.

We love going to the movies. I am so thankful for a group that will take the time to develop quality curriculum based on good, kid-friendly movies.  Visit their site to see other movies featured.

Happy homeschooling!!!!

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One Response to Dolphin Tales – great movie

  1. sydforest says:

    I love it!!! The pictures of the curriculum activities are so great too! What a beautiful blog post from a lovely family!!!

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