That’s my Baby – 4th grade!

Today I finally had time to go take Girl 3’s school pictures. It’s a good thing because she was really getting frustrated with me 🙂

This is my free-spirited, strong-willed child. I never knew that “free-spirited” and “strong-willed” were two characteristics that one child could have. But she does!  She is so precious. She sings and dances and has conversations with herself all the time. She even gets most of her school work done by “teaching” her stuffed animals. Such an amazing imagination…but she is also so hard-headed (she gets that from her daddy)!

She HAD to wear her Texas Longhorn orange bow with white polka-dots and the red striped shirt. And she HAD to be bare-footed. Those things just were not worth arguing about. I have learned to pick my battles. She has dressed herself since she was two why should that change now.

She is an “old-soul.” We are often amazed at her discernment in some situations. I pray that she continues to recognize the things of God and walks the path He has planned for her.

I also pray that God is already preparing a strong, Godly husband for her…..

….because there is a lot of mischief behind that grin!!!!


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Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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One Response to That’s my Baby – 4th grade!

  1. Home schooling is undoubtedly an exquisite journey and can certainly help bring you very close with all your youngsters ., thank you byhisdesign5 a great deal for spreading your story, it helps to spread the word so far more family units can become much closer!

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