This is my first week journaling about our homeschool journey. I have found some incredible homeschooling moms through blogs this week. So I am challenged…..

In my life this week….

This week has been very unusual for us. As a RN, I do work outside of the home and have a job that allows me to work 1-2 days a week when it is convenient to our family. However, this week I really over did the work schedule to help a co-worker. She had a vacation planned to Disney World with her family – makes me a little jealous.  In addition, the Man had midterms this week. Definitely, STRESS at our home!!! Feeling very blessed that we got through it and are finished with the week. Ready for some weekend downtime. 🙂

In our homeschool this week…..

Monday – The girls worked very independently on their assignments while the Man studied for midterms. He said that they had a good day. I missed them terribly.  Big Sis had piano and Lil’ Sis had violin in the afternoon. We are so blessed to have an amazing music/instrument teacher. Lil’ Sis is no longer working on “little girl songs.” She has moved to the real stuff. All the girls had choir on Monday evening. We are also blessed to have a great co-op group of moms and dads that teach different classes. The choir group is wonderful. God did not give me the gift of music so I am truly amazed with those the He did give that gift to.

Tuesday – Big Sis had some issues with her 8th grade math today. We were able to push through it, and she had an “ah-ha” moment when it all seemed to come together. We use Abeka math because that is what the girls wanted to use. We switched to another curriculum last year that caused tears and dismay.

Our unit study in history is progressing. We are having some interesting discussions and learning lots of stuff about the early explorers of America. Big Sis and Middle Sis are reading a book printed in 1898 called The Story of the Thirteen Colonies. Here is a link to get it for free from google books.Front Cover

Lil Sis had her Drama class in the afternoon. They got their lines for the Christmas drama. She is so excited-she gets to be the “normal mom.”

Wednesday – Wednesdays are crazy.  Big Sis and Middle Sis take an Elegant Essay class and First Form Latin II with a co-op class. I am so thankful for wonderful, homeschooling moms who are willing to teach these classes.

While the two big girls were in classes, I took “school pics” of Lil’ Sis. We had great one-on-one time.

In the afternoon, I taught a science lab co-op. We made volcanoes last week. This week we learned about chemical reactions and erupted our volcanoes. We used a varied of combinations with baking soda, vinegar, hot water, and dish soap. At the end, we did one eruption with mentos and diet coke.

Thursday – Another independent study day. Big Sis, again, had trouble with her math. Guess we will be doing some math this weekend.

Middle Sis had her Drama class and got her lines for the Christmas play. Middle Sis and Lil’ Sis were working on their lines when I got home. Not sure how that was working when it is two different plays (?)

Friday – Played catch-up with school work, house cleaning, etc. Big Sis and Middle Sis are participating in a 30 hour Famine for World Vision with their youth group. They spent the night in cardboard boxes in the church parking lot. They are still there as I post this. I can’t wait to here how the night went.

I am inspired by….

All the amazing home school moms with blogs. It is wonderful to see a community of like-minded moms from all around the world preparing their children for life. I am new to blogs and blogging,  and I am gratefully to have the community.

My favorite thing this week was….

I have two favorite things 🙂   1. Seeing Big Sis have her “ah-ha” moment in math and (2) the smiles as we erupted our volcanoes.  Learning should be fun!!!

I am grateful for….

 The Man! He does an awesome job juggling seminary, ministry, and being a home school dad. So proud of him.

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  1. PrairieJenn says:

    Thanks for sharing your week with WUH. Loved your photos- especially the volcanoes! We’re going to try to make one soon…I know my girls would love it:)

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