Fall Break!

In My Life this Week….

The weather has been beautiful, and I have gotten to enjoy it. It is fall break so the Man has been free of stress. We have enjoyed some great days together as a family. Memaw and Pop have been in town which is a special treat for everyone. We always feel so spoiled when they are visiting. We eat out, work on crafts, enjoy catching up, etc.

In our homeschool this week…..

Because of fall break, we haven’t done much book work this week but have done lots of learning. The girls did not have any of their co-op classes this week which makes for a great deal of downtime. Plus we had two field trip days.  On Tuesday, we went to BlueJack Ridge Ranch and had a great time. 

Click here to see the more about the field trip. We had another field trip on Thursday. We went to the sculpture garden at City Park. You can read more here about our art appreciation day.

We ended our week by going to the movies on Firday night to see The Mighty Macs. Great ending to a very relaxed week.



My favorite thing this week was….

Having lots of family time and just hanging out relaxing with the Man

I am grateful for….

All the spoiling that we get from Memaw and Pop when they visit.

I’m cooking….

Last night I made a great blueberry breakfast cake that I got from somebodies blog. I wish I could remember where I got the recipe so that I could thank them.  Tonight we are having “Aunt Bet’s” meatloaf that the Man hinted that he wanted (and red velvet cupcakes-his favorite).

Fall break has been great! Back to the real world next week.

Journey on! Happy homeschooling!!!

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One Response to Fall Break!

  1. I enjoyed the trailer for The Mighty Macs. I must be spending too much time at the computer because I have not even heard of that movie, but it looks like fun! We enjoyed a couple of days off this week too, and my boys were able to to on an orienteering field trip with their dad! It’s great when the dads can get in on some of the fun too!

    I’m visiting from THMJ. I enjoyed looking around your site! THANKS! Have a great Sunday!

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