a life of gratitude (48-74)

Since I have begun this journey of a life of gratitude, I have been trying to pay attention to things that come out of my mouth. Trying to stop the negative or the sarcasm and focusing on the positive.  As I have done this with myself, I have also recognized the negativity and the sarcasm that often comes out of the girls’ mouthes. So beginning this week, not only will I count my blessings, the girls will count theirs. I am excited to see their list-maybe I will share some!

So for the week of fall break, I start with….

48. Fall break and the decrease stress and increased family time that goes along with it.

49. Parents dedicating babies to the Lord and committing to teach them His ways.  Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

50. Field trip days

51. The Man getting to go on field trip days with us

52. Wide open spaces

53. God’s little creatures that make me smile

54. Boys who find God’s little creatures everywhere and then ask me to hold them while he plays

55. Memaw and Pop in town visiting.

56.Huge oak trees with deep roots. This oak tree, like many others in New Orleans, survived Hurricane Katrina. Then a  shoot will spring from the  stem of Jesse, And a [ branch from his roots will bear fruit. Isaiah 11:1

57.  Time together learning to appreciate art.

58. The sound of kids playing football and other games outside our balcony.

59. Lazy, relaxing days.

60. Friends that I can borrow eggs from when I realize that I need two for the recipe but don’t want to go to the store.

61. Our new “Jesse Tree” that Memaw made us. I can’t wait to use it this upcoming season.

62. Cooking for the whole family (which is a rare occasion because of the Man’s ministry schedule)

63. Family recipes handed down for generations.

64. Blueberries picked this summer and ready to use in recipes this fall.

65. Hard eucharisteo: Hearing gunshots in the middle of the night in the neighbor east of us yet knowing that my family is tucked in bed and safe.

66. Red velvet cupcakes.

67. Impromptu violin, flute, guitar, and piano recitals from Memaw and Pop

68. Listening to girls recite Bible verses from memory

69. Our sewing machine

70. Sweet Tea

71. Shrimp po-boys with all the dressings

72. Movies that the whole family can watch. We went to see Mighty Macs this week

73. The NFL players with pink interwoven throughout their football uniform to support breast cancer awareness

74. Middle Sis strumming her guitar and singing worship songs in her room

Sharing a life of gratitude with community linked together!

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Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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5 Responses to a life of gratitude (48-74)

  1. Linda Foster says:

    Love all of this!! Excited to see you all and hoping to get to nola this year since I’ll be RETIRED 🙂

  2. Deborah Carr says:

    How well I know that struggle. Years and years ago, my room-mate was loving enough to point out to me that I was sarcastic. I was completely shocked. I didn’t feel sarcastic. So I went to my mom and asked…’Am I sarcastic?’ ‘Umm-hmm,’ she said reluctantly. Then, I went to my boyfriend, ‘I’m not sarcastic, am I?’
    ‘Yes. Definitely.’ he said.

    I had to wake up and watch my words. It was just a bad habit. I am so thankful that she cared enough to be honest with me. Awareness makes all the difference.

  3. Amy says:

    After reading Anne’s book this summer, my daughter and I made a journal for the whole family. We keep it on the kitchen table, and everyone knows the system for writing in it. We often talk about our day and add to the list while eating dinner together. I love seeing what our children pick out!

    I hope it works out well for other members of your family to do this, as well!

    PS – I love the photos!

  4. mrsmusicnerd says:

    I loved this Amy! Don’t we all need to work on this more?! Thank you for sharing!

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