30 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 4

I am thankful to be homeschooling my children. If you would have told me 3 1/2 years ago that I would be homeschooling, I would have told you that you were crazy. But lots has happened in the last 3 years to change many things in my life. It has been and continues to be an amazing journey.

Today we woke up with a “semi-routine.” We are a very spontaneous family, and you just never know when mom will decide that we need a “Mommy’s Grand Adventure.”  Well, today seemed like an adventuresome type of day. So we headed out to the zoo. It doesn’t matter how many time we go to the zoo, we always see something great. Today, the Man decided to forego his plans to get some school work done and went with us. We might all regret that when he is spending late nights getting those assignments done. However, it was a wonderful day!

Thank you, Lord, for giving me the chance to have this time with my children. The chance to homeschool is something that I never would have considered doing. Yet, You knew exactly what we needed. Just as you say in Jeremiah 29:11, your plans for us are greater than anything we could plan cause your plans are “plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Thank you for Your plans!!


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Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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One Response to 30 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 4

  1. PrairieJenn says:

    The freedom to be spontaneous is one of the greatest blessings of homeschooling! Glad you took advantage of it and had a fun day!!!

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