a life of gratitude (103-126) & Day 7

Yesterday in the children’s morning life group, we put on our thankful glasses and wrote things that we are thankful for on our thankful cards. We put our thankful cards in our thankful bags. And we realized that our thankful bags are overflowing with abundance…….

Give thanks in all circumstances, for it is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  1 Thes 5:18

103. understanding homeschool moms that do not get upset or mad when I overbook myself and have to cancel science lab

104. Sweet little faces with their thankful glasses

105. Sisters working together to organize their craft fair booth

106. Girls painting for His glory

107. Middle Sis wanting to blog so that she can share the love of Jesus with others – Made 4 His Glory (stop by with some encouraging words if you have a second to spare)

108. Family fun days

109. Churches that have fall festivals and trunk-or-treat

110. friends with math degrees who will sit down with Big Sis and help her understand that she does get it

111. The Man being over half way completed with his paper 4 days before it is due 🙂

112. a church family that continues to grow (in spirit as well as in numbers)

113. sweet seminary students buying paintings at the craft fair

114. free Chick-fil-a

115. Lil Sis reading in her hammock by flashlight on the balcony – bundled up with several blankets

116. Big Sis and Middle Sis arguing over a college football game – and Big Sis defending her sister (losing team) at the end of the game

117. God’s amazing creatures – great and small

118. 30 Days of Thanksgiving

119. the anticipation of a semi-vacation in Maryland/Pennsylvania

120. a cleaned out pocketbook

121. Kissing the sleeping faces of each girl at night when they are sleeping

122. having three great dishwashers

123. Beautiful songs that help me realized what heaven must sound like

124. Children that speak the name of Jesus without being prompted.

125. The first day of 2 services at church and the 1st service was standing room only.

126. Listening to 10 children on Sunday morning read the Bible verse off the blackboard – erasing one word at a time – knowing that the verse will be hidden in their hearts when all the words are erased.

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3 Responses to a life of gratitude (103-126) & Day 7

  1. Colleen says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I also enjoyed your list! Blessings!

  2. Such a great list! I’m so thankful for my church too and friends with math degrees…awesome!

  3. what a great list! i loved sweet little ones with their thankful glasses. we all need those, dont we?

    blessings in His grace,



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