a life of gratitude (127-141) and Day 16

127. Knowing that in one week we will be enjoying time away from the city

128. Lil Sis and her reading hammock on the balcony

129. Lil Sis singing and creating her own drama in her reading hammock

130. The sound of girls learning to make music.

131. Big Sis’ desire to  take a break from the piano and “focus on the flute.” Hard for me because I wished that I could learn the piano.

132. New opportunities for ministry with new international friends working on the cruise ships.

133. Praying for our children with other homeschool moms

134. Happy children playing outside our windows.

135. Bills getting paid despite the decreased work hours.

136. The anticipation of date night

137. Mission teams that desire to serve and do that faithfully – even when the opportunity to share the gospel doesn’t happen

138. Middle Sis’ silliness and ability to have fun (even when she claims to be sooooo bored)

139. Field trip days

140. Phone calls with friends in other states

141. Catching up on families and knowing that friendships will always be there…even if we are miles away from each other.

About byhisdesign5

Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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