a life of gratitude (163-196) and Days 27 & 28

So full of blessings and thankfulness after the last week.

163. Quiet, lazy days

164. Friends willing to take time out of their day and take us to the airport – no parking charges for the four days out-of-town.

165. Safe travel – even when our pilot was practicing his rough landing skills.

166. Easy connection one of the countries busiest airports

167. Not having to check luggage because the grands have our luggage (and our children) in their car 🙂

168. Leaving 85 degree, sunny weather in NOLA and arriving to a flash flood warning in Baltimore

169. Family together again

170. The Man enjoying the best crab cakes ever. He is back in Maryland and HaPpY!

171. Rain filled creeks

172. Sunshine peeking through the clouds.

173. Family organizing a place for over 40 out-of-town family members

174. Family traditions that all generations love….

175. Andy’s cheese steaks at Lexington Market

176. Signs that make me laugh….

177. Visiting with family who is home on furlough from the Gambia

178. Three generations giving thanks together.

179. Hearing all that the Lord is doing in the lives of friends and families.

180. Talking missions and realizing that God is speaking through family to lead us to more prayer

181. New members of the family being introduced and loved on….always love!!

182. Beautiful scenery

183. Sweet potato suffle

184. Whoopie pies

185. One generation teaching the next generation

186. Talking on the phone with family in Georgia and missing them….but knowing that you will see them in less than a month.

187. Craft night while watching “White Christmas”

188. The girls interrupting the football game to sing “Sister, Sister” from “White Christmas” – and the guys not complaining 🙂

189. Arriving home to my own bathroom and own bed after traveling with some awful stomach bug

190. Phenergan

191. Friends who feed and care for guinea pigs while we are away

192. Having (surprise) extra bonus points to help buy Christmas presents for the girls 🙂

193. Pandora radio

194. Sleeping in for a few extra hours before heading to the ministry center

195. Meeting new friends from Romania and India who seem open to the good news of Jesus Christ. Praying that they will continue to come to the ministry center when the ship in is port.

196. Cold front arriving and dropping the temperature 25 degrees in 4 hours 😉

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1 Response to a life of gratitude (163-196) and Days 27 & 28

  1. Alida says:

    what incredible blessings you have…I keep hearing about sweet potato souffle but have never tried it. Love your photos!

    joy & blessings to you and your family!

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