a life of gratitude (281-298)

So it’s a new year. I continue counting. Counting all the many blessing that the Lord has so graciously given me. I can’t imagine where this journey will lead us in 2012. One step at a time – that is how I go through this journey. Trusting that His path is straight and trustworthy. Knowing that in my own strength I would fail.

281. a few relaxing days with no school (yet still learning)

282. The realization that someone had stolen our debit card numbers before the damage was permanently done.

283. a bank employee that understands the frustration of waiting for money that we didn’t spend to be credited

284. the understanding that God is sovereign and will carry me when I can’t carry myself.

285. 31 Days to Pray for Your Spouse

286. a new group of friends bound together through accountability

287. an idea that the Lord has placed on my heart (praying that I follow His lead – because I know I can not succeed on my own).

288. New debit card coming in the mail before the long holiday weekend.

289. a restful sleep in the daytime after working a night shift

290. a New Year’s Eve full of family fun

291. watching Middle Sis and a wonderful friend play Just Dance for 3 hours.

292. 8 different places setting off fireworks at midnight so that we had a wonderful show in the sky without leaving home

293. serving the children in our church community on the first day of the new year

294. a stroll around the neighborhood with the Man

295. the Man listening to (and not laughing at) the endeavor that the Lord has placed on my heart

296. his encouraging words “Don’t doubt yourself. That is a good idea and you can do it. Keep praying”

297. a friend traveling from out-of-town for Big Sis’ birthday

298. the fabulous gift that was given to us 14 years ago – Big Sis!!!

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Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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1 Response to a life of gratitude (281-298)

  1. Anna Vos says:

    Thanks for stopping by. You have a beautiful family. I love your list of gratitude. I also love the idea of the challenge to pray for your spouse for 31 days. What a blessing that will be. Great quotes on the side (I’m in the middle of reading “The Search” right now)!

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