A New Year!

In my life this week…

2012 is here! We started out the new year with a bang. Lots of dancing and singing on the wii, dinner with a family friend, crazy fireworks all over the place, and a Saints win!  Not much more that a ole’ girl could ask for.

Big Sis turned 14 years old on January 2nd. I always say that I am going to be prepared for her birthday, yet it always sneaks up on me. Last minute planning included a bowling party, some special time with a friend from out of town, an afternoon in the French Market, and  beignets at Cafe Du Monde. Overall, I think the birthday was a success.

In our homeschool this week…

We had a three day school week to start off the new year. And one of those days was a field trip day 🙂  The entire family went to see War Horse. It is a fabulous movie!!! It is rated PG-13 due to the violence; however, we chose to see it with all the girls because of the historical nature of the information. After all, the movie is about World War I! I was concerned about Lil’ Sis with some of the scene involving the horses. She did get teary eyed and cuddle with the Man during those scenes. She just needed to be reassured that it was a movie and those animals were not really harmed. I knew that she was okay when she said “that is a movie we are going to HAVE to buy!”

We also used the War Horse curriculum from the Homeschool Movie Club.  We love movies and enjoy learning through movies. We have used the Dolphin Tale curriculum and, now, the War Horse curriculum. Both were wonderful. I think that I learned as much (or more) than the girls did.

If you “like” the Homeschool Movie Club on facebook, you will see some wonderful opportunities. Homeschool groups around the country got to screen the movie on a big homeschool day.

I am inspired by/I am grateful for/I am praying for…

Woman who are committed to praying for their husbands.  I have meet some wonderful ladies in my accountability group who are praying for their husband as well as the Man. It’s not too late to buy the book and join the challenge.

I’m reading…

31 days of Prayer for Your Spouse

Ryan’s Return

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

This city is absolutely football crazy this week. Well, it is always football crazy. But because of the Sugar Bowl, the Saints are in the playoffs, and the BCS championship being in town, it is extraordinarily crazy. So in honor of the Alabama/LSU game…….

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2 Responses to A New Year!

  1. Barb Martin says:

    Great post. I’m definitely going to look into the prayer challenge. Sounds like just what we need around here.

  2. The prayer challenge would be a good idea here as well. My older two went to see War Horse and loved it. I had no idea there was a curriculum to go along with it, that’s fantastic! We love history around here 😉 Thanks for the heads up!!

    I am finally making my way around HMJ

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