When life gives you lemons…..

Have you felt like you have been sucker punched in the stomach? Have you ever wondered if you would ever be able to drag yourself up out of the mess that you were in?

Some days life is hard. Some days it doesn’t seem to be worth getting out of bed. That is how today started out for me. I was grumpy when I got up. All I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and have a few minutes of quiet time. Then the Man and Big Sis (who had gone on a daddy-daughter breakfast date) came home. Then Middle Sis and Lil Sis were wanting to start their school work. Just 5 minutes for ME please!!!!!!

Then a financial situation occurred. Our debit card numbers were stolen several weeks ago, and we have been waiting for the money to be credited back to the account. It’s not all there yet. More frustration!!!

Tears! I can see that Big Sis sees the frustration. Yet I can’t comfort her.

So….the Man and I go for a walk. I take my camera just because – well, I don’t really know why. We walk hand in hand. The sun is out. It is a beautiful day.  I see this little guy and he scampers up a tree.  Just as I snap the picture, he looks at me as if to say, “it is okay.” I laugh at him, and he scurries away!

We keep walking – hand in hand – grateful for the beautiful day!

Later, we gather the girls and head to church. Tonight we are talking “missions” with the kids. We dance. We sing this song.
I’m gonna take it in, gonna live it out 
Gonna live my life on what really counts. 
I’m gonna chose to see you
the way that God sees me.
And life my life unselfishly.
God’s love is big and strong and loud.
I’m gonna take it and live it out.

 We make videos about telling others about Jesus. I smile, I laugh! Why was I so grouchy this morning???

Big Sis and Middle Sis talk continuously about the challenges they were given in youth. They are excited. I see all the youth posting on facebook that they are up for the challenge.  Forty-something youth around the city are committed to carrying their Bibles around everywhere they go for one month.  I can only imagine the conversations that will happen because of this challenge. They want to tell others about Jesus. They want to change the world!!! I smile! Maybe, just maybe, they are the generation that will rise up!

Why was I so grouchy this morning? I can’t really remember. Why did I want just five minutes to myself? It’s not about me. It’s about all the good things. All the blessings that we are given each day. Sure – there are difficult times. But instead of focusing on my problems, I chose to count my blessings! And I thank Him for His comfort and His peace!!!



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Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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