Fun with Language Arts

Because we actually had little formal language arts last year, I researched several companies and found one that works well for us. This year, we are using two different resources from The Critical Thinking Co.

Word Roots teaches the meanings of Latine prefixes, roots, and suffixes. We use the CD version which includes games and activities. Word Roots also has a book version if you prefer worksheets. Middle Sis and Big Sis enjoy the activities. They do the activities, and we follow up every 2-3 weeks with a vocabulary/spelling test using the words that they have studied. Great way to increase vocabulary!

Editor in Chief is the other product that we are using from The Critical Thinking Co. The workbook reviews punctuation, grammar, spelling, and capitalization through proof-reading (which I think is essential for writing). Originally, all three girls were doing this independently. However, I quickly realized that Lil Sis needed a better understanding of grammar in general better doing this. So she has taken a break from it. The other two are doing an article then we review it together. At first, it seemed to be extremely difficult and frustrating to both. As we pushed through, they have become more independent and find more and more errors. This product truly teaches the critical thinking skills needed to effectively proof-read.

A review of this product was done in order to provide you with free shipping when ordering. In return for your order, I will recieve an Amazon gift card. The opinions expressed are my personal, honest opinions. Your experience may vary. Please read my full disclosure policy for more details.

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