The Hunger Games Trilogy

I only decided to read this series because Middle Sis and Big Sis wanted to read it. I wanted to be able to discuss the book with them. I am not really into the futuristic, fantasy type books. However, once I started reading, I could not put it down.

 In the country of Panem which was once North America, people are considered by the government to be players in a game. That game is “The Hunger Games” and occurs once a year. The winner is the only one that comes out alive. Katniss Everdeen is the female contestant from District 12 – the coal district.

I was immediately taken into a country torn apart by rebellion and enslaved to the government.  After only a few pages, I stayed up way too late to see what would happen. The futuristic setting is described in a way that the reader is able to visual the atrocities that are occurring.  The characters are well-developed and allow the reader to really “know” their lives.  I was completely left hanging at the end of the first book.

And could not wait to read the next one. Luckily, I had all three available to read immediately. I highly recommend that you have all three books because each one leaves you wanting to know the outcome.

Since we are discussing the books so often, Lil Sis wants to read them. They are violent! In addition, there is a character that is drunk more often than he is sober, Katniss is nude during some scenes when she is preparing for the games, and the two of the main characters do kiss. Therefore, I have been concerned about her reading it. However, she easily recognizes real life from fantasy so I will probably let her read them with the understanding that we will discuss all aspects of the story.

provides great insights in their review. In addition, they also provide “talking points” such as:
Why does Katniss wonder if she can trust Peeta?
Why is it easier for her to trust Rue?
Which of Katniss” past experiences make it difficult for her to place her confidence in others?
Do you have difficulty trusting people?
Why is it sometimes hard to trust God?
How can you determine who is or isn”t trustworthy?

Another great point that Focus on the Family makes is that early Christians also faced cruel atrocities in the Roman Colosseum.

My feeling about the movie is different. Not sure that I want to see the violence on the big screen – much less want the girls to see it. We do watch movies that are set in wartime (example – War Horse) and involve violence related to war. But that is war – it really occurred. The historical significance outweighs the violence. Plus the opportunities for discussion are great. Not sure this will be a movie that we invest our time in!


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