The 2012 American Meterology Society”s annual meeting was in New Orleans this past week. They sponsored a fun, interactive science lab with over 65 exhibits about weather, earth, space, storms, etc. It was great fun. And perfect timing since Middle Sis and Big Sis will be starting a unit on weather in their Apologia”s Exploring Creation through Physical Science.

One of the first booths that we went to was about air pressure. Immediately all the girls were involved.

We made a tornado in a bottle which is something that I have been wanting to do in science lab. But getting enough bottles for all the kids would be difficult. So we, finally, got to make one!! YAY!!!!
Took Middle Sis a few seconds to get the water swirling fast enough to create the tornado, but she did it.
Love it!! Yes, I realize that it is a little nerdy of me 🙂  I just happened to ask what he used to connect the bottle. All the activities I have read have involved using duct tape. But, guess what!?! You can buy a “tornado tube.” Since the girls were such great participates and I asked about where to buy one, the presenter gave me one – for free!!!!!!
Next we explored some air speeds. The contraption that you see below created air speeds up to forty miles per hour. After blowing smoke into the trash can, we could see the air flowing in a circular motion.

This experiment showed how ice can make water boil.

Then we got a little silly 🙂 But this station had some great free material for lesson plans for all age groups.

We got instructions on how to make our own anemometer. I have seen this activity on several websites, but it always looked complicated. I think that we will try this one soon!

NASA had an awesome station. Lil Sis played with the interactive globe that showed many things about the earth. This is the heat sources. She could see that Antartica was really cold. And it”s not so cold in New Orleans. They had free DVDs, posters, bags, and more!

We met Reed from the Discover Channel show Storm Chasers

This is a tornado pod that is dropped in front of a tornado and inside hurricanes! Pretty cool. I think that I would like to be a storm chaser (from a distance) 🙂  I remember sitting our on my grandparents porch while the tornado sirens were going off. My Papa would say, “we”ll go inside when we hear the train coming!”

A doppler weather truck that is designed to go into the weather and record data. It is raised up on hydraulic jacks when the winds are greater than 100 miles per hour. The jacks prevent the truck from shaking or turning over in the wind. WOW! That sounds like fun!!!! Inside the truck was a entire weather station.

A short round of science jeopardy to end the day!!

If anyone has a chance to attend WeatherFest at any time, I highly recommend it. So much fun!!! And even more learning!

See what others are doing on their field trips….

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4 Responses to WeatherFest

  1. Anna-Marie says:

    What a great field trip. Wish we had been able to see it 😉 This should be a great start to your new weather studies. Came at the perfect time for your family. Thanks for sharing on the Home school Field trip hop.

  2. todays date says:

    Finally got the complete set of “The Hunger Games Trilogy”. Hope I have the time to read it though

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