January is Over!!

In my life this week…

I can’t believe that January is over. It has been a blur! And a little BLAH!! I am praying for some energy and rejuvination of my soul.  Digging into His word and some time in prayer is exactly what I need. That and some extra outdoor time.

In our homeschool this week…

We had an extremely busy weekend. Memaw and Pop were down to enjoy all the choir performances.  Between choir rehearsal on Friday and choir performances on Saturday and Sunday, I was surprised that the girls could even speak on Monday. Wonderful performances! 


Lil Sis also participated in a violin competition. She did excellent and was invited to play in an honors recital in a few weeks.

Because of the busy weekend and my work schedule, we had some very low key, quiet days at the beginning of the week. Monday and Tuesday were definitely great, independent learning days 🙂

Wednesday – We had a little percipitation in the area which made for a great weather science lab. I pulled out my favorite science videos of all time – The Moody science videos. We watched “The Wonders of Water.”

Moody Science Classics: 19-DVD Set

After the video, we discussed air mass. The weather outside was air masses colliding and providing us with water. Water + air = weather 🙂

First, we had to decide figure out is air had mass. We made a scale to weigh balloons. This is right before we popped the balloon and learned that air DOES have mass.

Thursday – I wasn’t sure how Thursday as going to go because we woke up to a dead guinea pig. DJ was a much loved pet of Lil Sis. After a tearful good-bye, we were able to get the school day started.

We continued working on our Bold Believers in India study. Middle Sis made these cute tissue flowers to remind us to pray for the people of India.

Big Sis finished up her math unit on integers and square roots. It took a little longer than I had planned, but she understands it. Neither one of us got frustrated with it or each other so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! So proud of her for working hard.

Lil Sis went on a little nature walk to look for insect eggs. As she took off with my camera and a glass jar with holes in the lid, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, she returned with some pictures and some eggs in the jar. We can’t wait to see what comes out of those eggs (YIKES!)

We are loving Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the 5th Day. We are actually going to finish the book soon. The last few chapter are on insects, and I had mentioned to her that we would go to the insectetarium after she finished the insect chapters. So she is really moving along. Not sure what we will do if she finishes before the end of the school year. Would you start another book??

The end of the day was as eventful as the beginning of the day (dead guinea pig).  Lil Sis fell and spent several hours in the ER. She has a buckle fracture of her left forearm.  As she cried “this has been the worse day of my whole life,” I have to remind myself of all the we have been blessed with.

Friday– Started out slowly because the late night ER visit. I was actually going to not have any schooling, but the girls had already gotten started before I was moving. So we proceeded with their plan. We ended our school week with a little field trip to Byblos International market for schwarmas, chappatis, and mango juice.

I’m praying for…

Jehovah Rapha – our great Healer! The healing of Lil Sis’ arm. And that somehow she will still be able to participate in the violin honors recital that she is so excited about.

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3 Responses to January is Over!!

  1. I LOVE your photos! What a wonderful, fun week. Seeing your photos made me want to be there, too!

  2. Tonia says:

    The Moody Science videos look interesting… I’ll have to look those up. Looks like you survived the week intact! Sorry about the guinea pig and the ER visit.

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