weekly wrap up

In my life this week…

It has been a good week. Not much whining (from me or the girls). Everyone is just moving along with the school work and extracurricular activities. Spring is in the air. Mardi Gras is here. And my new moto is…..

Thankful for this!!!!

 I have finally given into pinterest. I am not really sure if this is going to be a good thing for me. Will I ever actually try any of the recipes or craft ideas? Or will they torment me with feelings of inadequacy??

In our homeschool this week…

Monday – Blessed Mondays! I have been reading about the benefits of having built in “catch-up” days. And it sounds like a great idea. Mondays seem to be that “catch-up” day for us. It seems a little backwards to have a catch up day at the beginning of the week. But, whatever works!!! This week it was a catch-up on schoolwork, catch-up on sleep, and a relaxed independent study day.

Lil Sis did get her cast on Monday. She went with Texas Longhorn orange. Read here about that adventure.

Tuesday – We headed to City Park for a picnic and “school in the park.”

We had a great nature study. The girls had the freedom to enjoy whatever part of nature they wanted. Lil Sis and Middle Sis went for bird watching. And Big Sis like the palm trees. I just enjoyed being outside and with all three of them.

 Everyone also took one subject along to work on. Middle Sis is writing a book. So she took that along. All I know is the book is about Elizabeth and Peter. She is on chapter 6 and wants me to wait until she is finished to edit it.  I am sure it will be a best-seller!!!

Big Sis is pushing through that math.  Thankfully, she is on a chapter that is mainly review for her. YEA!!!

Wednesday – Big Sis and Middle Sis went to their co-op classes. Lil Sis had a difficult time on Wednesday morning. Her arm was itching on Tuesday night so I gave her a small dose of Benadryl. Benadryl a child that will not sleep late in the mornings (even when she needs to) = a tired, whining girl. But….we survived!!

We make balloon rockets in Science lab. The races were great fun. It is always interesting to see how they will change the activity when there is a littel competition involved.

Thursday – Field trip day!! We went to Stennis Space Center.

Lil Sis learning about the solar system

More about that in a later post.

Friday- Rainy day! Stayed indoor. Just hanging out and getting some book work don.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We are going to see the Africa Children”s Choir. I am so excited. We are also going to see a few family-friendly Mardi Gras parades. BEADS!! Just what we need – more beads.

My favorite thing this week was…

See my post on “Mommy Guilt”

I’m cooking…

I”m not sure which pinterest recipe I am going to try first. I think that I will attempt the New Orleans Hot Crap Dip.

I’m praying for…


Linked in with….

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2 Responses to weekly wrap up

  1. Paula says:

    I am a little jealous of you doing school at the park. I was just remembering when we did school outside this fall, soaking in the sun. Today it was 9 degrees, so we may have to wait a couple of months! Enjoy the warmth for me!

  2. Balloon rockets sound like fun!!!
    And oh, Pinterest! I’m a total addict!

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