Field trip – Stennis Space Center

We had a fun time at Stennis Space Center. The welcome center and museum are closing! Disappointed to know that such an educational center is no longer going to be available. However, there will be another science museum with tours of the space center opening a short distance away. Here is a short virtual tour for those that will never get to visit.

Stennis is located on ~ 136,000 acres in southern Mississippi. It is the home of the NASA rocket engine testing site.

This is one of the rocket engine testing sites!!! When Stennis tested the engines for the Apollo projects, viewers had to be, at least, 4 miles from the testing site.  The vibrations caused by the testing showed up as earthquakes on seismographs. The base of the testing site is the size of a football field.

Lil Sis “landing” the space shuttle. If her performance is any indication of her driving skills, she will NEVER drive 🙂

The boys said that the simulation just proved that they should be allowed to play video games more often. Not sure about that logic….but it was fun trying.

We had a special show about the solar system. Below is Mars.

Some fun with space suits!

Thermal images….

The Naval Oceanography Command is also at Stennis. There was a great section about weather. Appropriate…since Middle Sis and Big Sis are studing weather in science.

The booster engine of the Saturn V was huge.

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2 Responses to Field trip – Stennis Space Center

  1. Anna-Marie says:

    Space centers are always so fun:) too bad this place is closing down:( Love your boys logic on the video games sounds a lot what my kids would say;) Thanks for linking up to the Home school field trip hop

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