a life of gratitude (422-445)

Late posting my gratitude because of an awful stomach virus. Feel the need to continue counting even as my stomach revolts…..

422. a conversation at work about hours being cut and being assured that mine would not be
423. the Man’s patience while sitting at the doctor’s office
424. a Texas Longhorn orange cast

425. having a school day at the park
426. nature studies that encourage independent thinking

427. these ducks and their synchronized swimming routine 🙂

429. getting this feather for our bird study after…..
Lil Sis: (watching a huge flock of seagulls) Mom, which one do you think will take off first?
Me: I don’t know -(pointing to one) probably that one. Which one do you think will fly off first?
Lil Sis: (at the top of her voice) BOO! (with simultaneous hand claps)
Lil Sis: I think they will all leave at the same time!

430. good news from a friend regarding a new job opportunity and move
431. forgiveness
432. a mentor for Big Sis who encourages her to get out of her comfort zone
433. Big Sis and Lil Sis auditioning for the seminary orchestra and getting accepted.
434. a great day for a field trip
435. being one of the last groups that get to visit Stennisphere at Stennis Space Center

436. Being able to be a bless to another mom who wasn’t feeling well
437. finally giving in to “pinterest” and deciding that I might actually use some of the ideas
438. the opportunity to see the African Children’s Choir

439. hard eucharisteo – going to see the African Children’s Choir without the Man – knowing how his heart would be touched by the experience.
440. tears that flowed as the children danced and sang to their Savior

441. not wanting to take them home – but wanting to go home with them! My heart longs to be there!!!
442. Hard eucharisteo – Lil Sis attending her honors recital but not getting to play
443. Lil Sis getting her ribbon and recognition for her hard work
444. church starting early so that everyone could get home before the roads were blocked off with parades – only in New Orleans 😉
445. cold for our first Mardi Gras parade of the season

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1 Response to a life of gratitude (422-445)

  1. Shea says:

    Love Lil Sis’ sense of humor!! Thanks for sharing

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