The week of Mardi Gras…..

In my life this week…

Happy Mardi Gras!! In NOLA, there is no school this week.  In the spirit of all things Mardi Gras, we did not have school on Monday or Tuesday. Some of our co-op classes and music classes/lessons were also cancelled due to the holiday. So we had lots of fun with friends and family at parades. Yes, we go to parades. Click here to see why! I was debating on whether to include Mardi Gras as a field trip – see what I decided   🙂

In our homeschool this week…

Wednesday – Big Sis and Middle Sis had their co-op classes. Lil sis was suppose to have public speaking, but she is a little behind after missing class because of her broken arm. We are going to have to work on getting caught up.

We ventured out to science lab. Unfortunately, all of my supplies did not come in for our genetics lab. Instead, we ventured out and had a silent nature walk.

The kids were great and were silent much of the time. Some were not thrilled with the duct tape but, overall, they had a great time. Amazing what they find when they focus on God’s amazing creation!!!  For the sake of clarification, let me say that each child put the duct tape over their own mouth and were allowed to take it off at any time.

Thursday – Just a hang out and get some book work done kind of day.

Friday – I slept in the morning (after working all night) while the girls got some book work done. Then we went on an impromptu field trip.  A friend from church had told me that the replicas of the Nina and Pinta – you know, the ships that brought Christopher Columbus to America – were docked close by. So we loaded up the car and headed to Houma.

My favorite resource…

The Handbook of Nature Study blog! I have never done any type of nature study so this is a new experience for me. We love it!! Just to get outside of a while and enjoy God’s creations.  It has also been really helpful when I need a quick fix for science lab (like my supplies not coming in this week).  Jump on over to Barb’s nature study blog – I know that you will find some fun for your kiddos!!

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

Talk to other homeschooler around you. Without a friend at church, I would not have known about the opportunity to see the Nina and Pinta!!

My favorite thing this week was…

Wow! The week of Mardi Gras holds many special memories. Plus we had a cool field trip!

Things I’m working on…

Getting curriculum together for next year. I am discussing plans with each of the girls to see if they have any preferences – what they like or do not like, what they want to try, etc. Got to figure out a way to afford Teaching Textbooks for Big Sis’ math!!!

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6 Responses to The week of Mardi Gras…..

  1. Susan says:

    Sounds like a great week! Nature study is such a worthwhile and fun learning experience. I agree that the Handbook of Nature Study blog is a fantastic resource!!
    Thanks for sharing and linking up with Favorite Resources 🙂

  2. Mary says:

    I love the idea of a silent nature walk. Hmmm…..I wonder how a silent school day would work…….. errrr, nevermind.

  3. we are cracking up over the duct tape! We’ve been doing nature walks “exploring God’s creation” for many years – we are pretty proud of our three boys who know how to go quietly – but the duct tape – it’s classic!

  4. Angel in TX says:

    Hi Amy! I’m sorry it’s taken so long to respond to your question on my blog. You asked why I switched from Teaching Textbooks to Chalk Dust. The first reason was $$$. I basically got the Chalk Dust for FREE! Also I had been told that the TT didn’t work the same way in the higher levels as it did in the lower levels. By the time they get to Algebra the solutions were not included on the CD’s like they are in the others. The solutions showing my son what he did wrong was the best thing about the program for us! So while others continue on with TT we decided not to. I might even be wrong about it all, but really in the US math is math and I always use whatever works atm!
    We’ve used MUS, TT, MEP (free online here) and now Chalk Dust. 🙂
    Just as an aside; we really enjoyed MEP but I am working part time now and it’s just too teacher intensive for our schedule. But I would really like to have continued to use it. What ds did in level 3 of MEP was the same as TT6!

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