That is sssooooo gross….

We went to the new “Animal Grossology” exhibit at the Audubon Aquarium. It was completely unrelated to anything that we are studying, but it sounded so fun that I couldn”t resist.

We learned about the pheromones. At that station, we were able to smell several interesting smells such as deer urine and a skunk. It was definitely gross!!

We learned about tapeworms and how they can grow up to 60 feet in your intestines.

This station was about blood. Middle Sis and Lil Sis are playing a game to learn about the different colors of blood. When they answered correctly, the tube in front of their area would fill up with “blood.” Did you know that lobsters have blue blood?

Every time we go to the aquarium, we spend some time watching this guy.  He is so fascinating. Sometimes he just stares at us. Today he was a little shy. After spending some time with him, we were able to study owl pellets in the grossology exhibit.  I read in another blog (unfortunately, I can”t find that blog now or I would put a link to it) of a science lab where the kids “dissect” an owl pellet and identify the animal that the owl had eaten. COOL!!! The exhibit did that for us with pellets and computer games where the girls put the bones in the correct place. Once the bones snapped in place, the computer revealed the animal. It was fun….but I would still like to do our own dissecting of real pellets 🙂 Big Sis does not like that idea!

We learned about hairballs, slimy creatures, and cow digestion. The cow digestion area created some really great sound effects. Then we had a quiz!  Each of the girls scored 100% on, at least, one of the quizzes – so I think that they will get an A in science for the day 🙂

On a side note, we have been seeing these cool dogs around town. Each one is painted different. I am not sure why or who is putting them up, but they are interesting. I think we might do an art appreciation project soon…research the who, what, why, and how. Then go see how many of them we can find. This one is located at the front entrance of the aquarium.

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7 Responses to That is sssooooo gross….

  1. tascha.piatt says:

    that is one of the coolest field trips I’ve ever seen 🙂

  2. DeAnna says:

    I was thinking of taking the kids to that! Looks like fun. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    (And about the dogs, I saw a display in the mall by Target explaining what they were for…of course I can’t remember now.)

    • Amy says:

      Your kids would love it. I will tell you that some of the little kids were scared of the cow (and his noises) 🙂

  3. Mary says:

    Very cool field trip!!

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  5. casey says:

    I loved seeing all the pictures! It looks as if you guys had a great week!

  6. That does so gross and fun, my boys would have loved it!! Thanks for sharing at FTF!!

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