a life of gratitude (523-546)

When death comes knocking….

Sometimes it is quiet – so quiet that you wonder how in the world it got there. After almost a century of living in this world, the Man’s grandmother passed into eternity. The expected was completely unexpected. For years, we have wondered if the holidays would be the last time we saw her. 2011 was the last Thanksgiving! We didn’t really know it at the time. Now we do.

And sometimes death is so loud that you can’t hardly stand the clanging. You wonder where it came from and how you can get it to go away. A young man – a life taken with his own hands. Big Sis mourns for a friend from the school she went to in Georgia. Wondering how he had gotten to such a point that he took his own life. Knowing it can be close to home…but never expecting it.

I continue to count through the days.  Days with the Man far from home – but doing exactly what he needs to do at this time. Days of tears – one girl, then another – different reasons but always a broken heart that only our Savior can mend.  I hug, give kisses, snuggle. I don’t try to explain except to say that God is in control.

We make it through. And we count….

523. a life well-lived
524. a family legacy of loving the Lord that began years ago that continues to be passed down from generation to generation
525. dear friends that made it possible for the Man to travel to Maryland by providing a buddy pass
526. those same dear friends giving – not just the Man but 5 other family members – buddy passes so that they can travel to the funeral
527. Hard eucharisteo – not being with the Man during this difficult time but recognizing that my support at home is what he needs
528. co-workers who changed their schedule so that I could be home when I needed to be and work when things settled down.
529. Lil Sis’ cast no longer necessary
530. wearing a splint that can be removed while in the house but has to be worn outside while playing for a little extra protection
531. the sound of violin music in our home again

532. a silly field trip

533. a free trail of NetFlix which will probably become a part of our schooling – there are some great classic movies and documentaries to be watched
534. not getting to sleep alone in my bed one time while the Man was gone
535. a broken Kindle screen that is still under warranty
536. an edible science activity

537. safe travel for our family that is traveling to and from Maryland
538. hard eucharisteo – missing church because Big Sis had a sore throat and fever
539. the sore throat and fever only lasting 24 hours
540. girls movie night
541. chocolate, chocolate chip muffins hot from the oven
542. pulling a new dish towel(with no holes) out of the drawer
543. Middle Sis’ heart for missions
544. a cabin leader from Camp Garaway bringing a group of her friends from Ole’ Miss to Global Maritime on a mission trip during their spring break
545. a stormy night
546. our tax refund check deposited directly into our account when the government said it would be 🙂

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4 Responses to a life of gratitude (523-546)

  1. Aunt Linda says:

    What a sweet time we had this weekend with your Man and the rest! And Hugh did an awesome job on the funeral. The Man missed you all!

  2. Phyllis says:

    Thank you again for the box of Louisiana goodies. I have posted about it here…
    Thanks for making our state study so enjoyable.

  3. aurie says:

    I’m sorry for your loss – and I understand exactly what you mean. What a wonderful list of blessings that you are able to count!

  4. Sorry for your loss. The 1000 gifts is a wonderful way to count our blessings. I am thankful for the treasure of the reminders of my gifts.

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