a mini-spring break…

In my life this week…

This week the seminary was on spring break so, once back in the fold with the girls, the Man had lots of free time. And although I had decided to save our official spring break for a week in April when friends would be visiting, I did give an easy workload.  We really played – and learned! Letting go of most of our book work.

On a personal level, I have been procrastinating with a project that the Lord placed on my heart. Because of a letter written by the Man’s grandmother, my heart is pierced and causing me to move ahead. Look for more information in the near future about this project as I am sure that you (at least, those in the U.S) will want to participate in.

In our homeschool this week…

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday – We accomplished a little book work with some one-on-one time with me, each girl, and a math book. Our biggest project for the day was the completion of our Bold Believers in India study.  We completed the activities and added a few of our own.  There is a wonderful series on NetFlix called “The Story of India” that we have begun viewing.  Such an amazing culture; praying for a penetration of the gospel.

The fun and messy part included a salt-dough map of the area.  Simple instructions can be found at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.  We modified the directions just a little bit. Here is our version:

1. Gather all of your supplies: flour, salt, water, a piece of cardboard (we used the top from a box that copy paper comes in), pencil, and paint supplies.

2. Draw the country or state that you are study. Since Middle Sis has the artist talent, she drew the area that includes Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka.

3. Mix one part flour to one part salt. The size of our map used 1 1/2 cups of flour and 1 1/2 cups of salt. Add water until the consistency is little play-doh. Fill in the land area with the salt-dough mixture.

4. Let the dough dry. We let it dry overnight. Because of the humidity, it was still a little sticky and wet. However, we were still able to continue the project.

5. Paint the land area and water. Label or add any details that you have found interesting in your study.

I was pleasantly surprised that the project was fun for all three girls. I thought the Big Sis might find it too “young.” However, she really took the lead and made it fun for all.  Definitely, something we will do again.

There were no extracurricular classes this week except for violin, piano, flute, choir, and Latin. Wow, when I actually typed that I realized that they really had most of their classes this week.  Doesn’t seem like much of a mini-spring break 🙂

Thursday – The Man went with us to have a picnic in City Park and to Storyland.  Lil Sis has been really on my case because “we have lived here for 3 years and never been to Storyland. Everybody has been to Storyland but us.” So we went to Storyland.

Friday – NO school!! Guess this is where our mini-spring break occurred.  Big Sis and Middle Sis are getting ready for D-Now this weekend.

My favorite resource this week was…

We LOVE movies!!!!!

With the Man gone all last weekend, I treated the girls (or, at least, they considered it a treat) to NetFlix.  I have heard amazing things about incorporating movies and documentaries into the school day. Since NetFlix has a free month trial, I decided to go ahead and sign up.  WOW!!!! Once I figured out all the technology involved with signing up on the computer, then streaming through our Wii, I was amazed. I already have a list of things to use for our schooling…

Here I Stand: Martin LutherJohn James Audubon: Drawn From NatureThe Fanny Crosby Story

Masterpiece Classic: The Diary of Anne FrankNational Geographic: Into the Great PyramidDefinitely, a resource that will be worth $8 per month.  I am very excited about some for documentaries and movies that we now have available at our fingertips.

I am going to add another favorite resource for this week – Homeschool Movie Club. The Homeschool Movie Club is just getting started but they have some free movie curriculum. Their facebook page has lots of great information, too.  We used their curriculum earlier this year for Dolphin Tales and War Horse.  Occasionally, they have provided homeschoolers across the country with free movie premium passes! Join – it’s fun!!

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8 Responses to a mini-spring break…

  1. Love keeping up with your going-on!

  2. Phyllis says:

    Your salt-dough map turned out great. We made one of the US recently.

  3. Your salt map looks fantastic! I need to make that same one!

  4. Susan says:

    We love Netflix too! We’ve had a membership for several years now, and I always feel it is worth the price.
    Thanks for linking up with Favorite Resources.

  5. We’ve been studying India also:) I think I really want to try that project. Looks awesome:) So, was Storyland fun? Is is something we should try to squeeze in when we come? Love you~

  6. Dorcus says:


    Visiting from Learning All the Time. Your salt dough map is amazing. We are studying Asia and may have to do this with the girls soon. We are Netflix lovers as well. We tossed cable 5 years ago and use Neflix through our X-box. What’s fun is that you can watch the same movie with others who have Netflix in their home. My kids love talking with their friends during the movies and discussing what they learned.

  7. casey says:

    Love your ideas and I love this post! You all seem to have a great time together!

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