I really thought that the girls were too old for Storyland.

Listening to Lil Sis  – We have lived here for 3 years and never been Storyland. EVERYONE has been to Storyland.

Ahhhh…..peer pressure 🙂

In response….we took a picnic to City Park and went to Storyland. It was entertaining. I was impressed that Big Sis and Middle Sis remembers all the fairy tales.

Peter Pan collides with the Titanic 🙂

We love princesses! Cinderella’s pumpkin…

In Pinocchio’s whale! Or is it Jonah’s…..

Three Little Pigs…

The one made of straw. The big, bad wolf huffed and he puffed….

The one made of wood. He huffed and puffed…..

And the one made of bricks.  He huffed and he puffed…but he couldn’t blow that house down.

Repunzel, Repunzel let your hair down….

And, finally, Alice in Wonderland’s house….

While in City Park, we enjoyed some amazing signs of spring.  82 degrees in March….I think spring has come and gone.  Air conditioner and summer….here we come!

Another added bonus….having this little guy join our picnic!  The first “stinging” caterpillar that we have seen.


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One Response to Storyland

  1. Anna-Marie says:

    Love the girls poses. You are never to old to go to story land:) Thanks for sharing on the Home school field trip hop

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