the week of rain…

In my life this week…

It is been a rainy week in NOLA. Gloomy, rainy days – thunderstorms – tornado watches/warnings – streets flooding. A great week to stay indoors and get some book work done. Right??? Well, I thought so. But the girls weren’t too excited about the possibilities. Mommy determination overruled! We persevered and won 🙂

Below is one of the afternoon radars. Rain, rain, go away! We really need the rain. How we can be in a draught when surround on all sides by water is amazing to me! However, we are and we do need the rain. So no complaining here.

New Orleans rain

And when it rains in NOLA, it floods. Until the water level is high enough to make the pumps kick on, you can believe that there will be flooding.  Such a great education about living below sea level.

So we mostly stayed inside and watched it rain from the balcony.

Another gloomy picture for NOLA is the sentences handed down by the NFL to the Saints’ coaches.  I won’t get into that situation except to say that we will miss Sean Payton in the upcoming season.

Now to more important stuff…..

In our homeschool this week…

Monday – Big Sis and Middle Sis attended D-Now all weekend. The weekend was a great time of growth and experience for them.  The youth group had 73 teenagers attend the weekend.  And they had times of worship and fun with over 250 teenagers from all around the city.  It is a very tiring weekend. So in response to the requests to sleep late, we continued our mini-spring break through Monday.  The girls only had their afternoon music classes.

Lil Sis had violin. We (the Man or I) have had to attend her lessons with her until now…  We have promptly been dismissed from the lessons because she is beyond anything that we can help her with 🙂

The rest of the week – Our rally cry….Finish Strong!  Okay, that’s my rally cry. The girls – not so much.  Theirs is more like….Spring Fever, No more books!

Some of the goals that we are working on…
*complete most of our math book – I think that we will make it! Maybe!!
*complete the Apologia science books – Lil Sis will probably finish the Flying Creatures of the 5th Day book next week. Her motivation is to go to the Insectarium. So we are anticipating that trip. However, Big Sis and Middle Sis are moving slowly (and without much enthusiasm) through the Exploring Creation with Physical Science book.

We did not have science lab this week because of the rain. I was very disappointed. Shhhhh..don’t tell…we are going to dissect owl pellets. I am excited. However, I did not want 20 kids dissecting owl pellets in my living room and kitchen during a tornado watch and thunderstorm warning. So, I postponed.

Lil Sis and I did have some science fun while Big Sis and Middle Sis were in their coop classes.  They both wrote great papers for their Elegant Essay class. Hmmmm….maybe they can be guest writers and post those papers.

Anyway, back to the science fun. Lil Sis found some mushrooms growing in the grass. We had our very own “Mushrooms and Microscope” lab. Our poor, sad, little microscope is on its last little leg…

After examining the microscope and discussing all the parts and how to use it, it didn’t work. Improvise 101!  I kinda felt like MacGyver. Use a flashlight…

Guess maybe it is time to invest in a decent microscope! It worked for what we wanted to do which was examine some mushrooms.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

Nachos, Mississippi. We are going to Nachos, Mississippi. Okay, it is really Natchez. A sweet friend invited us to the Natchez PowWow. Praying that the rain stops for a while so we can enjoy the events.  We might even visit one of the old Southern Plantations while we are there.

My favorite resources is….

Any Apologia science book!!! LiL Sis has looked the Flying Creatures of the Fifth day book and journal. She is so excited about Zoology II which is Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day.

Even though we have had some struggles with Physical Science, we like the material. The struggles have mainly been tween/teen girls trying to figure out time management issues. I am extremely excited about doing Biology next year! And although they would never admit it, I think the girls are, too. They have both asked about dissecting things and said that it is going to be fun.

 Questions/thoughts I have…

At what point do you consider a text-book completed? I hear an overall idea that if the student gets through 80% of the book then it is completed. Do you push for 100% completion??? Does it depend on the age of the child and the subject?

I am inspired by….

Youth leaders and a church family that gather around the youth as they deal with a tragic situation during D-Now. A church family that demonstrates how the body of Christ should look. And a group of tween/teenage girls who honored the Lord during an amazing drama performance on Sunday morning.

I’m praying for…

A church family devastated by a hit and run that killed their father. Praying that the three girls will know the love of their heavenly father as they mourn the loss their earthly father.

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5 Responses to the week of rain…

  1. casey says:

    I just now realized you were a Louisiana girl! We share a common bond! I had to leave work early on Tuesday, because it began to rain so hard and I knew if I didn’t get out soon then I would need my husband to come pick me up, because my car would not make it. The place I work was flooded by Wednesday!

  2. Do not push for 100% completion of a textbook if it means that they don’t remember any of it! I’d rather students know WELL 60-80% than remember none of 100%!

  3. Susan says:

    Love the mushroom investigations, and I really enjoyed the MacGyver reference 🙂
    Thanks for linking with Favorite Resources. I’ve heard good things about the Apologia science books.

  4. All my baby birds says:

    I love all your rain picture , I love the rain! Have you ever tried spore printing? It’s really cool, you should try that next time you have mushrooms.

  5. Helena says:

    I think that I would have postponed the dissection, too. I can’t wait to see how THAT goes 🙂

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