a life of gratitude (604-630)

Are you crazy? How do you handle your kids being home all day? How long are you going to do that (homeschool)? These are questions that I encountered this week.

Not exactly sure how to answer – Am I crazy? Yes, probably a little. But where else would I want my children to be? At this point in our journey, I want them exactly where they are – underneath mama’s wings!

I love my girls being home. I love seeing them learning and being able to direct their educational paths. So how do I handle them at home? Maybe the question should be…why would I not want them to be at home?

How long will we homeschool? I don’t know. The Lord has not revealed that information to me yet. I do pray that He will reveal the plan soon, but as of this moment in time, He hasn’t. So we journey on knowing that His timing and His plan are perfect.

The Lord created a plan for each of us. No one’s plan is the same as anyone else’s. Each plan is unique! My job is to follow the plan He has for me. Following His plan isn’t always easy, but it is the best plan that I have.

For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

So I follow and count my many blessings as I journey on….

604. knowing that His plan is perfect
605. talking to a dear friend about her first day of work in another part of the country.
606. a damaged flute still under warranty
607. Big Sis’ comment when asked about upgrading her flute – “Mom, I am going to stick with this. I love it!”
608. a balcony to sit on as the sun rises high in the sky
609. the silliness of kids
610. “oh, that is gross” during a science lab that really meant “this is so cool”
611. actually being able to identify (in science lab) what the owl had eaten

612. words of encouragement from friends even when they don’t know how much it means
613. hard eucharisteo – frustration and recognizing that those that are part of the frustration are also part of the journey
614. the reminder…

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? Matthew 16:26

615. all the amazing creatures that the Lord put on this earth

616. the opportunity to spend the morning observing some of God’s creations that we don’t see very often.
617. the excitement of the kids as they fed and petted the animals

618. a beautiful day for our Wild Animal Fun!
619. getting my replacement Kindle in the mail
620. exhaustion after working night shift
621. the Man making sure that schooling got done and everything ran smoothly so I could sleep a few hours
622. everyone recognizing that Mom might be little grumpy after she has worked all night and doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing 🙂
623. the youth going out to show the love of Jesus on Mission Day
624. listening to Lil Sis play a beautiful duet with her violin teacher
625. the ability to be “Mama Taxi” and shuttle the girls from one activity to another
626. a full tank for gas
627. Middle Sis sharing her hopes and dreams and all that the Lord has laid on her heart
628. an April’s fool joke that wasn’t funny but created some great one-on-one time
629. trying a new restaurant and Lil Sis declaring that it was her favorite place EVER!
630. cloths shopping with three girls

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3 Responses to a life of gratitude (604-630)

  1. Gail Nowlin says:

    Amen! You will never regret time spent with kids!! Great to hear about your life!

  2. Tammy says:

    Visiting from Ann’s today. Lovely list and beautiful pictures.

  3. lynn says:

    Great list! Are those llamas in the second picture? We have a place in Nairobi where you can go and feed the giraffes. It is always fun to go do that. Have a great week!

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