I don”t if any of my homeschooling friends have started yet, but I have started the overwhelming task at browsing through curriculum for next year.  Definitely – overwhelming!  We are more of an eclectic homeschooling family – meaning we use several different styles of homeschooling. We use textbooks, unit studies, co-op opportunities, computer programs, and just a hodge-podge of fun things.

Have I mentioned that it is OVERWHELMING when you start comparing curriculum.  I usually wait until the summer to start looking and comparing. But there are so many GREAT deals right now that I couldn”t wait.

I had to start with things that I know….

I know that I will have a high schooler next year! Yep, once again, we jump into the unknown. I also know that she wants to change math curriculum. Big Sis has actually investigated and thinks that she wants to do Teaching Textbooks for algebra 1.  However, Think Well Math seems to be a great program also. Any opinions or suggestions regarding either of these??


I also know that we will stick with Apologia science. Big Sis and Middle Sis are going to do Biology. Lil Sis is excited about working through Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day.

Things that I think I want to use….

  • I think that we are going to do a unit GEOGRAPHY study using Globalmania. Looks like fun and click on the picture for a free download.

  • I think that everyone is going to do Easy Grammar and Word Roots for language arts.
  • I think that we are going to continue to use LifePac Bible. Middle Sis has also requested to use LifePac History also.

Math, History, Science, Language Arts, Foreign Languages, Geography……… Have you decide what you are going to use. Check out the below links to some amazing deals.

Prepare plans by consultation, And make war by wise guidance. Proverbs 20:18    

Ok, that is really as far as I have gotten. Still feeling a little OVERWHELMED!!  I would love any input for any friends. Link in to show us your favorite curriculum. It can be an old post that you completely love and recommend or a new adventure that you are preparing for. Or leave a comment or suggestion about your ideas/plans.


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4 Responses to Preparing…..

  1. Jamie says:

    Lately what i’ve ben doing is just finding books, text or non-text, that I like and writing my own curriculum. Not as bad as it sounds

  2. Miranda says:

    Ooh, I’ve heard a lot about teaching textbooks. I’d love to know what you think if you end up using them.
    We’re going with Sonlight this coming year because I need something that requires less prep. I’m excited to make my order 🙂

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  4. Lynne says:

    We use Teaching Textbooks. We like them but they are expensive. Looking at some different options for next year. Thanks for the info

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