The Lion King and more Wild Animal Fun!

This week we went to the Mahalia Jackson Theater for Performing Arts. It was our first (but hopefully not our last) visit to this beautiful theater named after the famous gospel singer. You can see the theater from the interstate and, at night, it is illuminated with the show that is playing.  We went to see…..

THE LION KING!! It was so amazing. I really have mixed emotions about the no photography policy. I am glad that I did not get distracted taking pictures and just enjoyed the show. And sad that I don”t have any pictures of the amazing characters.

The girls looked beautiful for their broadway show.

SPOILER ALERT!!!! Do not watch these videos if you are planning on going to see the broadway version of The Lion King any time soon. Book mark them and come back later to see behind the scenes.

These videos are some of my favorite resources this week. It explains a lot of the technical aspects of producing the show. Such creativity and innovation…

The girls were so excited before and after the show. Lil Sis wants to know how she can get on stage and proclaimed that one day her sisters would be visiting backstage for one of her shows.

It would hard to top that field trip.  But the next day, we did go to the zoo to see some of the real animals that were in the show. And once again, we love our local zoo and have definitely go our moneys worth from our family pass 🙂

When I was a young warthog…..

Google Images

Mufasa or Scar?

Google Images

The circle of life!!!

Google Images

This is actually an Asian elephant, not an African elephant, but we still watched her for a while. We did learn that the Asian and the African elephant are the only two species of elephants that are around today as well as the differences. The African elephant has larger ears that are shaped like the continent of Africa. Their trucks, foreheads, and number of “toenails” on each foot are different.

And this has absolutely nothing to do with The Lion King. I have never noticed this sign at the zoo before. I think that New Orleans and southern Louisiana are the only places that people “make groceries.” I thought it was great that the zoo used that lingo to explain how the leopard catches its prey 🙂

Favorite Resource This Week

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3 Responses to The Lion King and more Wild Animal Fun!

  1. Susan says:

    Wow! What an amazing experience to see The Lion King, and then to go to the zoo the next day?! Thanks for sharing all of this with Favorite Resources 🙂

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  3. anna-marie says:

    I loved the lion king show, we took my daughter for her birthday this year. Weren’t the puppeteers amazing! Your 3 girls look beautiful that picture is a keeper. Following up with a trip to the zoo was icing on the cake…thanks for linking up tot he Homeschool field trip hop

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