a life of gratitude (660-683)

Wondering why the Lord has given me this project. That is what I am doing daily. Wondering – why me? So out of my comfort zone. Then I remember. It isn’t me doing it. He is doing it through me. That is the only way that it would get done.

So I continue on. Praying that my writing will stir people to prayer. Pray for our nation. Prayer for the upcoming elections.

Working on His project; recognizing that our nation needs to wake up. I’m not sure about the next step in His project. Several options for ebooks have been explored. However, right now, being obedient to the writing is enough.

As I write, I continue to count the many blessings that He has blessed me with.

660. knowing that He is alive
661. getting Lil Sis’ eczema, mostly, cleared up
662. getting a call for an extra shift at work and being able to work
663. saving $90 at the grocery store and getting $1.20 off each gallon of gas
664. friends who get up at 3:30am to take the group to the airport
665. safe travel of the Man and his classmates to Los Angeles
666. an amazing broadway show right here in our city.

667. the girl’s excitement about the musical
668. looks of amazement and wonder as they watched the musical come alive on stage
669. an unplanned field trip to the zoo and comparing the real animals to the ones on stage the night before 🙂

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670. no arguing between the girls all day long
671. texts and phone calls from the Man telling about all he is seeing and doing
672. cutting services that decrease monthly bills
673. silliness of three girls
674. praying for a friend as she travels hours away to be with her family through a terrible tragedy.
675. getting several uninterrupted hours to work on His project
676. opportunities for curriculum review and giveaways
677. Knowing that being out of my comfort zone is exactly where He wants me and will use me.
678. snoballs from New Orleans most famous snoball stand
679. a day with absolutely nothing planned
680. more free Hornets tickets and the opportunity to take the girls

681. the Man’s safe travel and almost being home
682. sleeping late on Monday morning and still getting all our schooling done
683. having health insurance again

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1 Response to a life of gratitude (660-683)

  1. I love reading about what you guys are up to and your praise and faithfulness are always inspiring! Sounds like you find plenty to explore! Your girls are stunning!

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