a life of gratitude (684-707)

Enjoying friendships!! I love that. I got to spend the weekend with a sweet, dear friend. Such an incredible blessing.

Friends who can go months without talking – yet can always pick up the conversation exactly where we left off; can talk about our hopes, dreams, worries, children, husbands, homeschooling, and absolutely nothing. Love being with her. All of our plans for the weekend did not work out perfectly (mainly because of the weather) but I still loved having her and her family here.

Today, she is miles away – 6-7 hours by car – but if I needed her she is just a phone call away. Sharing the things that the Lord has put on our hearts. Knowing that she is praying for me and I am praying for her!

continuing to count my blessing and putting her first…..

684. a sweet friendship that withstands distance and time
685. the anticipation of waiting for them to get here
686. the Blue Angels practicing right over the top of our campus

687. my first opportunity to be a guest blogger
688. the last science lab of the year
689. studying gravity and drag and making parachutes for the Voice of the Martyrs

690. the girls asking 15 times in 4 hours “how much longer before they get here” because they were as excited as I was
691. waiting up til 12midnight waiting on them to arrive
692. a field trip planned and only 60 spots; after some dropping and some adding, we had exactly 60 go with us šŸ™‚
693. the opportunity to plan field trips for our homeschool group for the last two years
694. having Navy Week and the beginning celebration of the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 begin in NOLA
695. the Navy and several other countries allowing us to tour their ships for free

696. the men and women who serve our country daily and risk their lives for our freedom
697. hugs from this girl

698. having another sweet friend travel along to visit us
699. family passes to the aquarium so this boy can see a white alligator

700. a windy overcast day when nothing planned worked out allowing us to just slow down and spend an afternoon together
701. seeing the excitement when the kite flew high in the sky on the windy day
702. worshipping with sweet friends and our church family
703. sitting in the restuarant forever because no one wanted to leave
704. sharing my project and receiving encouragement
705. a new life group with people who will be fun to know
706. an interesting Bible study about being “weird” šŸ™‚
707. a new recipe to try

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2 Responses to a life of gratitude (684-707)

  1. kelli says:

    Sounds like you sure have a beautiful friendship, mentioned here. Isn’t it amazing how we *can* pick right back up where we left off with some people?? Such a blessing to hear your praise for that — reminds me of many I have to be thankful for, as well.

    Beautiful pics and a lovely list!
    (And nice to meet you! :))

  2. Teresa Kight says:

    Well, you made me cry!!!
    Your friendship means so much to me and I enjoyed every minute we had together. I am always praying for you and I am so thankful to know that you are praying for me!!!! Love you and your sweet family so much šŸ™‚

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