a life of gratitude (708-732)

This really hits home with me as I try to listen to the Lord speak and finish His project.

Time-Warp Wife

I am trying to take the time to write – yes, a book! More of a devotional/prayer guide; to lead people to pray for the upcoming elections. I have only shared this with a few friends/family members. Knowing that once I put it out there, I would be more accountable for actually completing the work. As I come near the end of the writing, I want to share a portion with you.

Excerpt from the introduction: This is not an ebook designed to help you choose a candidate in the upcoming election. It isn’t about politics at all. It is about people being strong by kneeling before a mighty God and asking Him to show us the way. It is about men and women praying openly for God to intervene and do a great work.  For 30 days leading up to the election, prayer warriors surrounding the throne of God and pleading for our country, the elected officials, and the voters knowing that only His Grace will make us strong.

I write not because I feel like I have anything to say but because the Lord has given me this project. I write and try to hold it together; finish the homeschool year strong; work at the hospital; run kids to activities; and not neglect any of the other duties. While I write I continue to count. Counting keeps me grounded! Remembering all the wonderful blessings.
708. the Man continuously supporting the project and holding me accountable to writing
709. friends and family that has prayed over the project
710. the girls recognizing that Mom needs a little time to write without interruption
711. heart to heart talks that open eyes to see inappropriate behavior
712. kids working on parachutes to send to the Voice of the Martyrs
713. a few extra hours at work
714. I have listed this before – but I will never been able to thank all the wonderful and musically talented people who invest in my girls
715. a Bible study and a group of women dedicated to praying for their daughters

716. amazement that any choir/orchestra performance ever comes together – it always does and I am always amazed
717. the youth orchestra’s first performance

718. Lil Sis talking about being nervous and asking for prayer before the performance
719. another amazing choir/orchestra performance in the books
720. the Man getting to participate in field day with the girls
721. fun pictures to see from field day

722. hard eucharisteo: missing field day but knowing the different roles in my life are designed by the Lord
723. a facebook post about kids learning in science lab that encouraged me
724. saying “no” to something that would stretch me too far
725. Big Sis still wanting to snuggle
726. a new, yummy Chinese restaurant
727. Middle Sis sitting in the middle of her bed playing worship songs on her guitar
728. a lazy Saturday that allowed the Man to complete some end of the semester school work
729. being called weird; thanks to a wonderful sermon series entitled “Weird”
730. new friendship that are developing through a new Life group
731. being challenged to spent 5 minutes each day – no moving, no talking, no wiggling, no thinking about anything else – focusing on the Lord
732. learning hospitality; even when it does not come naturally
733. knowing that the Lord is working in me – and, prayerfully, through me

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  1. Lynne says:

    I can’t wait to read the book. Let us know when and how to get it.

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