Time flies….

I just finished making the slide show for our homeschool groups recognition night. A little teary that the girls are getting so grown up!! The passage of time since we have transitioned into homeschooling never ceases to amaze me.

Here are the girls with our first King Cake during our first Mardi Gras season- 3 years!! WOW!!!

3 years later….

When anyone asks me what I like about homeschooling, I tell them that watching these three grow closer to one another and the Lord. So silly – Giggling on the couch or in the car. Sometimes so serious – sharing their secret hopes and dreams with each other!

Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to be a part of these three lives. May everything they do bring glory and honor to You!!


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Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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2 Responses to Time flies….

  1. sweetness. It makes me teary-eyed too.

  2. TL says:

    I think Time flies…. | By His Design 5 is a nice article and you do a great job of posting unique info. Tom – http://www.ep2p4u.com

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