a life of gratitude (733-768)

Last week, I did not post on Multitude of Mondays. Honestly, I did not even count. I can’t say that I forgot. I just did not do it. Something was missing. Counting has become part of me. The Joy Dare helps me to see the good – not always focusing on the bad; the negative.

Counting opens my heart to all the many blessings. Why didn’t I count last week? I don’t know. I could say that the week was too busy or too hectic. Or that I lost track of time. Or that I forgot. It wasn’t and I didn’t. I just choose not to. And after a week of not counting I know that I have to count in order to recognize the blessings. Putting it down helps me to recognize the joy.

So…this week…I am back to counting. Thankful for all the many blessings.

733. a sweet church that invited the youth choir and orchestra to perform for their Sunday night service

734. hospitality extended and love overflowing
735. the opening up of a heart to recognize God’s call on a husband’s life; answered prayers for friends
736. another guest post about fun with field trips at H.O.P.E Homeschool Consulting

737. completion of 30 Days of Prayer for our Nation
738. prayers from friends and family that helped me finish 30 Days of Prayer for our Nation
739. co-workers that I am beginning to be able to consider as friends
740. being able to fill in some extra shifts so others can go on vacation
741. speaking the truth into someone’s life – even though they might not accept it
742. a tough week of “end of the semester” stress
743. the Man getting the last paper completed
744. 4.0 for the semester
745. the Man finishing his first year of graduate work
747. time to work on a blog for 30 Days of Prayer for Our Nationhttp://prayingforournation2012.blogspot.com/
748. a surprise email from “An Answered Prayer” – our Jehovah Jireh is AMAZING!!!
749. Swagbucks and free Amazon gift cards 🙂
750. 180 days of school completed
751. the girls getting up and working on school work even though they have fulfilled 180 days
752. learning about homeschooling a high schooler; overwhelming
753. Memaw and Pop visiting
754. thunderstorms on the day that the pool was scheduled to open
755. a good report from doctors regarding family that is heading back to Gambia
756. the Man not having to work everyday that Memaw and Pop are in town
757. a franatic call from cruise ship day at Global Maritime and being available to help; a spontaneous day of ministry

758. seeing pics from graduation from some great people who are serving the Lord with their lives
759. reminders that it is a small world – Pop meeting with a seminary’s friend parents in Missouri, finding out that a co-worker’s husband is from the Gambia – the Lord works through mysterious ways 🙂
760. waking up on Mother’s Day to three giggling girls crawling into my bed
761. a beautiful worship service that honored all women

“The Women of God” – We honor those who live today as mothers of their own children. We commend those who stand frim today as mothers of adopted children. We affirm those who serve today as spiritual mothers in the household of faith. You are each fearfully and wonderfully made. You are daughter and princess of King Jesus!

762. knowing that I am a princess of the King of Kings
763. a Mother’s Day Sunday afternoon nap
764. My Mom who maybe several states away but is still a huge part of my life. We did not always see eye-to-eye and I know that some of my teenage antics worried her daily. But she was always there – supporting and loving. Thanks Mom!!! I love you!
765. My Memaw who is so much more than a mother-in-law. So thankful that I will never understand the awful “in-law” jokes. She understands the journey and is supportive in so many ways. Thanks Memaw! I love you!!
766. all the other women who have shown me how to be a mom; you know who you are; we have traveled much of this journey together in some way or another. Your love and support is endless!
767. The Man! No words can explain. Thankful that you are a man of God who loves the Lord first – and me second.
768. Three sweet things that make my Mother’s Day so special

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1 Response to a life of gratitude (733-768)

  1. Beautiful list. Thanks for putting it out there, for taking the dare! Doesn’t it offer a fresh perspective to look through the lens of gratitude? What a blessing. Nice to “meet” you through the link-up at Ann’s place. Have a beautiful day.

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