High School, really?!?

Overwhelmed! Brain overload! It has been a long time since I was in high school 🙂

She is just my baby. High school?? Do I really have to worry about high school already? She just started kindergarten yesterday. So cute with her little backpack; ready to head out into the real world. Now she is a two earring in each ear (that’s new), worship leading, piano and flute playing, doing school in her pj’s high schooler!!

Credits! How many credits of math? How to calculate credits? What counts as a credit? And SO much information out there in cyberspace. English – how do you include grammar, composition, and literature into a class? Seems like there is too much info in those three areas to just count one credit. And foreign language – how do you come up with an inexpensive curriculum to teach another language? Science – how do you set up a lab that includes dissection? How do you help with dissection when it grosses you out. Okay, so that isn’t a problem for me. But I know many that do have that problem.  History – Wow!! World history in one year? Is that possible? Civics – I have yet to find a curriculum that is equal to one full credit (which is what our state requires). I know that we are very blessed to have a homeschool support group that offers some of these things.

So many questions about so many things. And it seems that the more I research the more options, opinions, and ideas I find. But do you want to know what has really made me realize that I have a high schooler?

DRIVER’S ED!!!  We have to teach her how to drive at some point. Driver’s education, really? Now this is something that I AM NOT prepared for.  Not just the driving itself (which is scary enough). But the written test. The rules of the road. I know in New Orleans the rules of the road are vague and scary. Each state is different. It has been a really long time since I took that dreaded written test. I know that many are saying….she’s only 14. But that means that she will be 15 in less than a year!! Then 16! SOMEONE HELP!!!!!! I feel like I need to take a class in order to teach her what she needs to know.

Then we have to think about the dreaded visit to the DMV. What do you take? How long will you wait?? Okay – I am not going to worry about that part yet. I’m not really going to worry about any of it yet.

Dear Lord, I am turning this over to you. You are the Creator of all things. Your plans are greater than we could ever imagine. Thank you for the opportunity to homeschool a high schooler. I pray that you will show me exactly what she needs when she needs it. And I pray, Lord, that you will not let me be overwhelmed with all the amazing possibilities. 

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5 Responses to High School, really?!?

  1. I hear you, Amy. Mine graduates from high school next Wed. I have already started crying and fretting about her leaving for GCSU in August. it was just yesterday I took her to pre-K and she would not walk in by herself for the first half a year.

  2. I’m praying for you Amy! That’s all I know to do to help:) I can’t even imagine…. Helen is going into 7th and I can already feel myself fretting over it all. I’ll be calling you up for help soon:) Love you!

  3. Amy,

    I have something special for you soon that may help ease your fears! 🙂


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