a life of gratitude (769-793)

Time flies. It seems like yesterday that the new school year was just starting – now we are at the end. Moving onto 5th, 8th, and 9th grades. Wow!! I used to laugh when my mom would say that the years get shorter and shorter the older you get. I now believe her! Isn’t it amazing how much our parents know that that we are their age?  🙂

The journey has been interesting; amazing! Not sure where it is headed but knowing that the Lord has great plans for us. Planning ourselves leads to disappointment and sometime failure. I have learned this the hard way – too many times. And even when I know that His plans are always so much better than mine, I still try to plan. And He still teaches me. Blessed to have ears that hear.

“If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear.”  Mark 4:23  

I continue to hear, continue to learn, and continue to count….

769. Big Sis taking the initiative and asking to get a summer job
770. three girls working independently to finish some of their school books
771. talking about high school with Big Sis
772. great women of God planning for our home school co-op for next year
773. being able to work an extra shift when a co-worker called in sick
774. an extra shift that will almost pay for youth camp
775. moving into a slower pace, fun-fill summer schedule

776. new bathing suits
777. teenage girls coming up with a proposal for some great extra-curricular activities for the high schoolers in our home school group
778. interesting conversations with other home school moms
779. the campus swimming pool
780. all three girls passing their swimming test which allows them to go to the pool without a parent
781. knowing that the lifeguards are well-trained and well supervised 🙂
782. a new recipe – yummy Cajun turkey breast tenderloin
783. figuring out how to creat a blog button for 30 Days of Prayer for our Nation


784. proofreading (again) and knowing that the Lord is adding and subtracting where He wants
785. the opportunity to share the love of Jesus at work with a very frustrating family member of a patient
786. waking up without the alarm clock
787. more freckles popping out across Lil Sis’ nose from the summer sun 🙂
788. silly arguments between sisters that lead to silly giggles and hugs
789. words of encouragement between sisters
790. arms raised in total surrender during worship
791. dads baptizing their sons
792. connecting with a life group
793. driving up on a car accident that just occurred and being able to help

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