a life of gratitude (794-821)

Lord, break my heart for what breaks Yours.  Words from a book that has always stuck in my mind. It is hard to pray that prayer. Yet, when You do you receive a “divine burden” and become ruined. These words resonated in my mind last night at our life group.  Do I want to become “ruined” for the things of God? YES!!! ABSOLUTELY!!!

As He speaks and I listen, I move closer and closer to being ruined. Ruined for all things of this world. Through the process, I become blessed.

Through the process of writing the words that were my burden, I received a blessing of being obedient. The obedience proves to me that He wants action! Action in life – to make a difference for His kingdom.

As I become more ruined, I continue to count all the many blessings….

794. a lunch date with the Man
795. forgetting to order “no MSG” but remembering before eating too much; a mild headache that follows
796. the musical gifts that our girls have been given
797. a sweet couple who teach piano and flute sharing their gifts with so many others
798. everyone finishing their math for the year! WooHoo!!!!! 🙂
799. a homeschool group room filled with wonderful textbooks for the taking
800. finding Lil Sis” math, language arts, and Bible for next school year in that room – and FREE!!!!
801. sleepy girls who want to snuggle after being at the pool all day
802. an unexpected girls movie night
803. Netflix and popcorn that make the unexpected movie night possible
804. being blessed with a burden
805. being obedient to write
806. getting 30 Days of Prayer for our Nation ready for PDF downloads

807. the Kindle version of 30 Days of Prayer for Our Nation 
808. mentoring younger nurses and seeing them recognize situations that need immediate attention
809. being the “old nurse” that is considered the “calm in the storm”
810. knowing that the “calm in the storm” is the peace that only comes from the Lord
811. finding a great farm to go pick blueberries

812. 4 buckets of fresh blueberries
813. eating blueberries right off of the bush
814. creating a family bucket list for the summer
815. marking off two things on the family bucket list

816. an air conditioner that is working over time with outdoor temps in the 90″s already
817. a friend who sends me text pictures of the snow in her front yard 🙂
818. a new ice cream maker
819. scholarships for youth camp
820. friends who open their home every Sunday night for our life group
821. homemade ice cream

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