Grand Opening Craziness…..

Checking off another item on our 2012 Summer Bucket List. We were planning on a trip to the most southern part of Louisiana but plans changed with one phone call from a friend. This activity wasn’t originally on the list but was quickly added as soon as we knew one would be close to us. Chick-fil-a “First 100” grand opening event!!!!

Up and out the door at 5:30 to get in line for the adventure. Registered and tents set up by 7:30. Now what do we do for the next 22 hours?!? It was hot. So we chased the shade. Everyone moved around trying to stay out of the hot sun. We were #41 and #42.

The kids played cards

Lil Sis being silly

Once the sun started setting, the games began. Water balloon toss and a scavenger hunt were a great hit. A DJ kept everyone entertained with some good songs from the ’80s 🙂

Night time brought a few more friends out. We reached 100 sometime after 9pm. Guess we could have went home and gone back later in the day. Oh well……

After 24 hours and some urban camping, we got our rewards. 104 (52 for me and 52 for the Man) free Chick-fil-a meals 🙂 But more importantly…great memories with great friends.

Checking another item off of our 2012 Summer Bucket List…

■Make tye die t-shirts
■have a lemonade stand
go blueberry pickingDONE!
try new blueberry recipesDONE! We have made blueberry pound cake and blueberry cobbler. Both were wonderful
■Find, at least, 20 Mardi Gras dogs throughout the city and take pictures with each one
■go bowling and learn how to keep score (okay, the learn how to keep score part wasn’t really approved by everyone)
■play in the rain
■play putt-putt
■have a water balloon battle
make homemade ice creamDONE! Got a new ice cream maker and have made homemade ice cream twice
■go to Blue Bayou
■paint pottery at Posh Paint
■go to Cafe Du Monde for breakfast
■drive to the most southern point of Louisiana
■ride the Canal St Ferry to Algiers
■go to the Satchmo SummerFest
■watch fireworks from the levee
attend a Chick-fil-a grand opening eventDONE!
■go to a Zephyr’s game
■go on a cruise
■build sand castles
■serve the Lord through serving together (unsure of what the exact activity will be)
■do a high ropes course

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