a life of gratitude (822-845)

Waiting! It is a hard thing to do. It seems like we have been waiting a long time for an answer. I know that He is listening. And I know that He has a plan. Waiting for His timing and for that plan to be revealed is hard.

However, knowing that the end of this journey could be near makes the waiting seem easy. Now the questions – what is the next part of our journey?  I have learned that being obedient and moving forward is my part – opening and closing doors is His. We continue to wait and see which doors will open and which ones will be closed.

And while I wait – I continue to count….

822. serving our international friends
823. cookouts
824. men and women who have served or are serving in the military
825. another batch of homemade ice cream 🙂
826. our summer bucket list
827. flexibility that allows us to change plans at the last-minute
828. urban camping with friends 🙂

829. a large group of kids that get along wonderfully with each other
830. free Chick-fil-a meals for a year (over $600 in savings) 😉
831. a friend from Georgia joining us for the week
832. that same friend getting to get out into the city and have a good time
833. a plan developing so that the girls can spent time with grandparents
834. the Man’s meeting with one of his professors
835. sitting down and working on the Man’s schedule for the next few semesters
836. hard eucharisteo: making decisions to stop some things so that the Man can refocus on seminary
837. Mommy-daughter date night with Lil Sis
838. the project being completed and turned over to the Lord; praying that He will use it in a mighty way
839. the first sale of 30 Days of Prayer for Our Nation; it has sold in all three versions (print, Kindle, and PDF upload).
840. two “non-drama” shifts at work
841. the Man getting the girls up and to church even when I’m sleeping after working a night shift
842. Big Sis’ babysitting
843. prayers – knowing He is listening
844. Middle Sis having fun with friend and back home safely
845. this song that reminds me that while we are waiting we aren’t to just sit around

I will serve You while I’m waiting,
I will worship while I’m waiting.

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