For the Love of Math…

We got the girls testing scores back.  I looked at them with great anticipation – particularly Big Sis” math. There are days that math brings us both to tears. However, I was extremely pleased – some of her highest scores. I guess my 5 ways to help a struggling math student not hate math must be working.

Now that things are clicking – she wants to change curriculum. She has asked for a video based curriculum that has someone explain concepts to her. We have looked at several different ones. She has chosen Thinkwell math. I hate to change something that is working but am going to jump in with both feet and a smile!

Anyone used Thinkwell for high school math? I would love to hear any comments about the program.

Middle Sis and Lil Sis are going to stay with Abeka math. They like it. And, according to their math scores, it is working.  I am disappointed that Lil Sis chose to stay with Abeka.

We received a free 4th grade math curriculum for A TutorSoft to review. Lil Sis did about 4 weeks of the lessons. 

According to Lil Sis, some of the things that she did not like about the program included –

  • The  voice that talks to you sounds like a computer. I wish it sounded more like a regular person.
  • I wish it would let you try to figure out the problem again instead of just giving you the answer.

Despite the few things that she felt could be improved on, she really enjoyed the program. Some of her positive comments included –

  • I like that I can work without you having to look over my shoulder.
  • The computer person makes it easy to understand.
  • I can work at my own speed. If I really understand something, I can move ahead. If I don”t understand, I can review the lesson as many times as I need to.

After watching her use the curriculum and hearing her reasons for liking the curriculum, I was surprised when she said that she just wanted to keep using Abeka. Really?!?!?!  I just didn”t understand.

Several discussions later, I came to the conclusion that she really does like me looking over her shoulder.  I came to this conclusion when she asked, “Mom, that is when I get to sit with just you and me.”  Who can argue with that? The girl still wants her mommy time 🙂

Overall, the A Tutur Math is a great curriculum. I would recommend it for any child who wants to work independently. It requires little to no prep from mom. Lesson plans, worksheets, and test are easily available. We will probably re-look at it in a few years.

Use coupon code “VBSAVEMORE” until June 30, 2012 for an additional $45 savings.

The A Tutor software was provided to me at no charge for the purpose of reviewing. All statements made in this post are my true and honest opinions as well as the opinion of Lil Sis.  Your experience may vary. There are affiliate links in this post.


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