a life of gratitude (882-926)

God has a sense of humor. If you ever doubt that fact, you should make your own plans.  He will step right into your plans and mess them up. At least it feels like they are all messed up until you step back and realize….His plans are so much better than your own.

We spent last week as camp missionaries at “the greatest place on earth” – otherwise known as Camp Garaywa. The girls feel like it is the greatest place on earth because they get to relax, be girls, and focus on the Lord without all the earthly worries (such as boys, make-up, shaving, etc) getting in the way. My plan for the week was to get caught up on some great blog post that I have been writing in my head.

First – Sunday night – my phone completely died. It would not even turn on.  We got to camp; I plugged it into the charger; an hour later – the phone is dead!! I had no one’s phone numbers, could not keep up to date to the minute with facebook or email. But, hey, I still had the laptop. All I needed was to get the camp’s password.

Monday after we got set up, girls were settled in and doing activities, and we had a password. Guess what!! No internet connection in our cabin! And it wasn’t much better anywhere else. Trust me – I walked all around the camp looking for a good connection. I even tried to post my gratitude list on Monday night.  The internet disconnected 4 times and re-establishing connections took FOREVER!!!

The Lord was speaking to me through the frustration – I was unplugged for the week.  And guess what? It was wonderful. I got to completely focus on the girls and see the Lord working in their lives.  If I had remained focused on all those great blog posts that are in my mind, I would have missed out on so many wonderful things.  So – yes – the Lord has a sense of humor and His plans are always better!!

Being unplugged allowed me to see blessings that I would have missed if my plan had worked. I am blessed to have a God who cares enough about me to show me that my failed plans are His great and mighty plans.

Continuing to count – even when I’m unplugged!

882. Shrimp po-boy sandwiches
883. the SBC in New Orleans – making history
884. Lil Sis coming and cuddling; says “I really just want you to myself for a few minutes”
885. new beginnings for the SBC with a great new president
886. the youth choir singing at the SBC

887. safe travel home for family
888. the Man getting registered for a summer workshop that he didn’t think he would get in
889. the Man having a friend that we can borrow all the book from for the workshop
890. extra shifts at work to make up for being gone next week
891.a quiet and lazy birthday day!!!
892. a new restaurant found
893. amazing worship with our church family
894. safe travel to Mississippi
895. spending a week as camp missionaries at GA/Acteen camp
896. getting to share missions with 180+ girls
897. allowing the Lord to speak through me about lies that girls believe and the real TRUTH!
898. a visit to the medical clinic to get eye drops for Lil Sis
899. Lil Sis getting to stay in her cabin even though she needed drops in her eyes four times a day
900. AMAZING camp nurses who love one each and every girl who needs their services
901. the Man playing games with the younger girls in recreation and getting to “battle” Lil Sis

902. wonderful young women of God who spend the summer between their college years being cabin leaders and investing in young lives
903. hot summer time in southern Mississippi – blue skies, sunshine, and HOT!!!!
904. spending time with the Man as we planned missionaries visits and worship time
905. hands of little girls raised in worship
906. sharing that each and every one of them belongs to God; they are princesses of the King
907. Middle Sis getting to do the high zip-line

908. Big Sis getting the same cabin leader that she had last year
909. knowing that great friendships are being made
910. watching Big Sis be an encourager to those girls that need a little special attention
911. hard eucharisteo – seeing girls turn their lives over to the Lord and knowing that they are going back to a home life that isn’t encouraging
912. Lil Sis and her cabin leader coming to tell us that she prayed that the Lord would let her be a missionary
913. hard eucharisteo – wanting to hold on tightly to Lil Sis but knowing that the Lord’s plans are better. She is only 9 years old but He is already at work
914. tha Man hugging Lil Sis and asking why she is crying; her reply “Dad, these are happy tears. Don’t you know by now that girls cry when they are happy” (out of the mouths of babes) 🙂
915. silly girl games

916. watching an MK who grew up in Russia (and is now a cabin leader) read from the Russian Bible; her face would light up just to hold it and see the words of her heart
917. have I mentioned the amazing cabin leaders – these college age young ladies are so wonderful with the girls!
918. cabin leaders sharing a small bit of their story during worship with “cardboard testimonies”
919. all the money raised by the girls going to a great mission organization with a wonderful story

920. Zaxby’s  😉
921. being “unplugged” for the week so that I could focus on all the Lord was doing through the girls
922. sleeping in my own bed
923. three of the cabin leaders from camp coming to do missions at Global Maritime over the weekend; getting to have some more great “mission” conversations.
924. Middle Sis counting down to her birthday; another teenager in our house!!
925. a sermon that affirmed the Lord’s plan for 30 Days of Prayer for Our Nation

926. Middle Sis being inspired (by a cabin-leader-in-training) to learn some new songs on her guitar; she is playing as I type

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