She’s a teenager….

Well, we officially have another teenager in our home. Middle Sis is 13 years old today!!

I wondered how I could love the second child as much as the first. It is amazing. The love isn’t divided – it is multiplied with each child.

Happy birthday to my “guitar playing, worship singing, hair braiding, mission loving” girl!! She lights up my life with her smile. Her sarcasm sometimes gets out of control, but it is hard from me not to smile because it reminds me of me. Her heart for little ones overflows sometimes – leaving her in tears as she leaves some of the mission activities. She looks right over things that she is looking for. We never ask her to find anything – it is quicker to let someone else look for it. Her friendships are deep and last a lifetime. If you are her true friend, she will always fight for you. When my mom and dad say “you will pay for your raising,” it is her that they are referring to.

A sweet baby! We watched the July 4th fireworks in 1999 from the NICU window. I knew that she was going to be full of fire!

Her Papa (great-grand) loved laughing with her. One of the happiest memories of the two of them involved her with both fists full of collards and him laughing as she shoveled them into her mouth 🙂

She is a silly, funny-loving girl. The Lord has great things planned for her!!!



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2 Responses to She’s a teenager….

  1. i love it and i know ill always have hannah to catch me if i fall she is not olny my sister but she my sister for life i have know her forever and i love her to death…..<3

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