Painting and checking off our bucket list

Checking activities off of our summer bucket list – great fun!  We spent a quiet, family day on Middle Sis’ birthday (her choice). Posh Paint is a great local studio where you can paint your own pottery.

We have been several times but always enjoy creating our own stuff. Big Sis painted a plate. Lil Sis painted a hand mirror – “mirror, mirror on the wall!”

Middle Sis worked on a wall hanging. They have some great things. We might make our own Christmas gifts this year 🙂

Our summer bucket list – all about making memories!! Love the family time. It really hit me hard this week as Middle Sis became a teenager 🙂  We only have a short amount of time with our children. Those years will go by too fast. So we are creating bucket lists and checking off our activities! FUN!!!!!

Our 2012 Summer Bucket List (and our progress so far)

■Make tye die t-shirts
■have a lemonade stand
go blueberry pickingDONE!
try new blueberry recipesDONE! We have made blueberry pound cake and blueberry cobbler. Both were wonderful
■Find, at least, 20 Mardi Gras dogs throughout the city and take pictures with each one (working on this; every time we pass one someone in the car yells)
■go bowling and learn how to keep score (okay, the learn how to keep score part wasn’t really approved by everyone)
■play in the rain (guess it has to rain for this one to happen. Maybe soon!?!?!)
■play putt-putt
■have a water balloon battle
make homemade ice creamDONE! Got a new ice cream maker and have made homemade ice cream twice
■go to Blue Bayou
■paint pottery at Posh Paint DONE! Had a great time painting for Middle Sis’ birthday
■go to Cafe Du Monde for breakfast
■drive to the most southern point of Louisiana
■ride the Canal St Ferry to Algiers
■go to the Satchmo SummerFest
■watch fireworks from the levee
attend a Chick-fil-a grand opening eventDONE!
■go to a Zephyr’s game
■go on a cruise
■build sand castles
■serve the Lord through serving together (unsure of what the exact activity will be)
■do a high ropes course (we have sorta done this at camp last week/going to try to find a course close by that we can do as a family)

See what ours are doing this summer…..

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