From Public School to Homeschooling – You can do it!!!

Ok….so I am at the beach with your church’s youth group. Internet connection is really “iffy.”  Once again, I am basically unplugged without planning on being unplugged. And once again, the Lord knows best!!!! He is truly amazing.

Today I have a guest post over at Gricefully Homeschooling about our journey from public school to homeschooling.

In all honesty, I never had any intention of Homeschooling my children. I went to public school, and I turned out  okay. Well, relatively speaking, I turned out okay. However, my intentions and God’s plans were not the same. Just as He always does, the Lord began working on me years before His plan was to be put in place. Jump on over to Gricefully Homeschooling to find some tips on making the transition. Go ahead!!! Jump on in! You will not regret it


  If you have a minute today, I would appreciate prayers for the church groups at Student Life in Orange Beach. Lord, please speak clearly to each of these kids today. Help them to have the discernment to recognize that You are moving among them and within each of the them!!!

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