a life of gratitude (927-955)

Unplugged again!!! THe Lord can and does use all situations to bring His glory. My last “a life of gratitude…” post was about being camp missionaires and being unplugged at that camp. This past week I was the cook/gofer for 70 youth and youth leaders. Unplugged again! The condo we were in did have internet access, but it was very weak.

And, once again, the Lord use the week to bring many students from death to life.

The night before we left for camp our church secretary went to live in eternity with the Lord. The morning that we left our church secretary went to live in eternity with the Lord. The emotional turmoil at the beginning of the week was overwhelming. The Lord uses all situations to bring glory to Himself.

Counting made easy by seeing the Holy Spirit move….

927. having a church family that is supportive of our youth
928. devotion before leaving of the beach about David – reminding that kids that we grieve for ourselves but rejoice for “T” (church secretary” because she is now with the Lord
929. safe travel to Orange Beach
930. Student Life Camp at the beach!
931. the view off our balcony

932. great times of worship each morning and evening
933. serving the youth
934. serving with an amazing bunch of youth leaders
935. boys who made me laugh all week – having all girls did not prepare me for how much teenage boys eat daily šŸ™‚
936. a birthday party at camp for one of the guys – sweet 16!!
937. great logostical helpers – can’t feed 70 people with some amazing assistances
938. meeting a new friend and spending a week with her and her sweet baby
939. having the Most-Mod youth pastor of the day
940. Orange beard day – imitating their pastor

941. Big Sis taking time out of her free time to go to a “future worship leader session”

942. 5 new little brothers and sisters in Christ
943. large group church time on the beach
944. getting to babysit a sweet little one (youth pastor’s daughter); snuggling with sweet Maggie while her mom and dad spend one on one time with youth who needed them
945. hard eucharisteo – Big Sis having a headache and nausea; not getting to go to worhsip but having a great conversation with a leader that I didn’t know very well
946. New friendships
947. kids asking hard Biblical questions that send me back to His Word to find the answer!
948. Middle Sis’ friend coming to Christ
949. the time that the Man and Lil Sis got to spend together
950. safe travel from Orange Beach to NOLA to Atlanta to Myrtle Beach
951. family time!!!!!
952. Memaw and Pop who invest so much (money, time, and energy) into the family week at the beach.
953. family worship time
954. the girls leading worship for family worship time
955. our new child that Big Sis and Middle Sis sponsored from Compassion

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