a life of gratitude (955-1005)

It has been two months since my last post. I can’t believe that it has been that long since I sat down and put words together. I started innocently enough – the blogging blahs! It began with several camps where we were intentionally unplugged. No (or little) internet service. Time to spend with the kids and in His Word.

I wish that I could say that I have spent the last two months spending every minute that I would be writing devouring His Word. However, that’s not true. Life just got in the way. No excuses. No good explanation or reason. Just life!

Since my last post, we have had several grand adventures – some will be deserving of later post and some won’t.Β  In short summary, we had a family vacation, several seminary workshops, preparations for school (the girls and the Man), a decision to go on a family mission trip to Ecuador, a hurrication (evacuation because of Hurricane Isaac), and an unexpected move. We have been unplugged because of camps, hurricanes, and now computer issues. I am typing on an old laptop that has not really worked in two years – you could only read 1/3 of the screen. However, the Lord knew our needs and responded. The desktop died, and the laptop was revived. Incredibly, the full screen is working again.

So, today, I made a choice. I would restart my blogging by counting my blessings.Β  Some I have written down as we have journeyed. Some I am just remembering as I look over the last two months. My prayer is that God will gently remind me of all the many blessings that I didn’t write down and didn’t recognize throughout the journey. I am sure that I will surpass the 1000 gifts mark today.

I continue counting….

956. time at the beach with family
957. recognizing the need to give up something so that someone else can enjoy their vacation
958. Lil Sis’ silliness at the beach

959. another beach birthday for Lil Sis and her new power scooter
960. Big Sis’ great attitude with her younger cousins and her silliness

961. Memaw and Pop and all they do to make a family vacation happen each year.
962. a ride for the great kids on the banana boats; Middle Sis finishing her ride

963. a 10th and 13th birthday
964. two teenagers in the home
965. the Man’s Old Testament workshop; another class completed
966. some unexpected shifts at the hospital that help make ends meet
967. getting the new school year started early; in preparation for a May 18th graduation πŸ™‚
968. new co-op teachers willing to invest in our children
969. the Toothbus
970. deciding (at the last minute)that we needed to leave New Orleans for Hurricane Isaac
971. a supervisor at the hospital that said that I should do what is best for the girls and that a job would be waiting afterwards.
972. no traffic on the evacuation route
973. a comfortable place to go
974. continuing to have school during the hurrication
975. the call that said “there is damage in the living room and there’s nothing we can do at this point. There wind is still to strong for us to stop the water getting in”
976. campus maintenance going back in and moving all the electronics out of the living room where all the damage was
977. getting to sleep in my king size bed
978. dear friends that stayed through the storm and took my phone calls afterwards
979. getting to spend some unexpected time with friends and family in Georgia
980. the call that we had to move apartments
981. the amazing group of people (seminary family and church family)that responded to our need
982. getting back on campus at 3pm and eating dinner at our dining room table in our new apartment at 6:30pm
983. this tarp over that hole in the roof; there could have been so much more damage

984. friends that washed linens, took apart and put together beds, connected our washer and dryer, organized our kitchen, and provided dinner
985. the outpouring of love from many, many people
986. a new-to-us couch and chairs
987. camp housing telling us that it was okay to leave all the damaged furniture in the old apartment; they got rid of everything for us
988. some financial support from friends of the seminary to families who lost food during the storm.
989. getting back to “normal” – if there really is such a thing as normal πŸ™‚
990. an amazing life group that is organizing fund raisers to support our family mission trip to Ecuador
991. the invitation to our family to go to Quito, Ecuador on a mission trip
992. the Man refocusing and reprioritizing things related to work, ministry, school, and family
993. the Man being home in the evenings.
994. the Man being dedicated to eating right, exercising, and weight loss; without his motivation I wouldn’t be successful on this journey
995. 23 lbs lost
997. calls from friends asking if we need anything (dinner, furniture, a hug, prayers, etc)
998. one computer dead; one computer revived πŸ™‚
999. doing homeschool the old way (assignments on paper instead of the computer program that we have been using); I think that I like the old way better πŸ™‚

1000. knowing that we are so blessed despite the hurdles
1001. praying for a friend that lived in the area of Southern Louisiana that got hit the hardest and lost everything
1002. remembering that although people might disappoint you GOD NEVER WILL!
1003. hearing all the musical instruments being practiced again
1004. the chicken that I can smell cooking; knowing that we will be able to sit down together to dinner in about 30 minutes.
1005. reaching 1000+ gifts and knowing that I will continue counting

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