Send me, I’ll go!

Send me, I’ll go! Words that are much easier to say than to actually do. How do you go when the expenses are more than you know that you can afford? How do you go when you know that you will be taking your children into some of the poorest areas of the world? How do you go when the timing seems all wrong?

How do you NOT go when you know that God is calling you to go?

When the Man was invited on another mission trip, we questioned the timing, the cost, etc. We didn’t answer right away. But God continued to poke. He continued to move. He continued to show us that even though the timing didn’t seem right to us and the money doesn’t seem to be there – it is time to move!

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news of the gospel. Romans 10:15

These words – over and over and over again – were placed in front of us and called to us. We knew that it was time to go. Time to turn it over (again) to Him. Time to get out of our comfort zone. Time to put the feet on the ground and hearts in His hands.

And even more – it is time to allow the girls to move. Time to (once again) get them out of their comfort zones. Time to let them GO – because He has called them, too.

We know that Jehovah Jireh is our provider. He will provide. However, we also know that He uses us (and you) to make those provisions available. We need your help! Please pray about some of the ways that you could support us. Donations can be given through PayPal with the donation button to the right.

Want a t-shirt? We would love to send you one. Just email us at

We also cry out for our prayers. Please join us in prayer for the financial parts to come together, for the team traveling, and for the hearts of those that we will be ministering to.  Please let us know that you are praying with us by either emailing or commenting below.

Thank you!  And check back here often for updates on our journey.

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Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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One Response to Send me, I’ll go!

  1. Barbie says:

    Hello! I found your blog when I googled, “full-time working homeschool moms”. I work full time outside the home and just started homeschooling my 12yo daughter (7th grader). I hope you don’t mind if I follow your blog. I will feel as if I have company on my journey 🙂

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