a life of gratitude (1035-1061)

Leaving a legacy! How do you do that? It is the focus at church for the next month.

80 years ago this month – 63 like-minded people in Algiers, LA, joined together to start a church. A church that would make followers of Jesus Christ despite the culture surrounding it, despite a hurricane that destroyed the region just six years ago….  63 people who had no idea what the future held but knew that they wanted to make a difference in someone’s life.

What kind of legacy am I leaving? In whose life am I making a difference? Will the things I teach the girls carry over into the next generation and the next?

Pastor Michael – God has CHOSEN and CALLED us to be His and to bring other to Him; to leave the legacy that we has chosen and called us to, we have to be COMMITTED and COURAGEOUS!

Thankful for the sermon that pierced my heart (1035) and for a church that is committed and courageous in a dark city (1036).  Overwhelming gratitude to the 63 people who joined together 80 years ago to start a church (1037).

And I continue to count! Praying that the legacy I leave is one of gratitude and thanksgiving….

1038. a new attitude being shown by Big Sis
1039. amazing donations to our yard sale that is to support international missions
1040. a time of worship with the International Korean Children’s Choir. Click here to see a Photo Collage of Joy!

1041. a job!
1042. checking off completed assignments with the Man; one step closer….
1043. a relaxing lunch with a friend
1044. UPS overnight delivery of a birth certfiicate (one lost in the shuffle)
1045. ALL passports applied for!
1046. a fun morning with my camera and my girls

1047. water – after two afternoon with no water while the city repaired a fire hydrant, I know that we are VERY blessed to have easily accessible water
1048. doing school in our pajamas (Yes, I sometimes let the girls stay in their pj’s until noon) :0)

1049. prayers
1050. no one in our home getting the yucky stomach bug that is going around
1051. three healthy (and silly) children

1052. favorite Proverbs verses posted each day on the youth facebook page in response to their challenge to read a proverbs chapter a day for the month of October
1053. a message from a friend who is far away
1054. a Saints win – love living in a city that is so supportive of their team (even when they are losing)!
1055. Seeing all the pink on the NFL players in support for Breast Cancer awareness month
1056. beautiful cool fall weather
1057. snuggling under blankets (windows opened and cool breeze blowing in) to read

1058. our Kindles – all four of them; lets us all read the same book at the same time
1059. Day 1 of 30 Days of Prayer for Our Nation

1060. selling an Ipad that was donated to the yard sale to a family who needs it for therapy for their autistic child (a blessing for us and for them)
1061. sitting here at the computer and listening to Lil Sis and Middle Sis practice their lines for the drama (so funny)

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