the week of the yard sale….

In my life this week…

Having an official high schooler this year was very intimidating. When I started homeschooling three years ago, I really didn”t think that we would get to this point. Yet here we are – loving every minute of it.

I have really been focused on other things (non-school related) this week – attempting to make life-long learners and incorporate some of these non-school related activities into school time.

Yard sale = economics!
Cooking and baking = math, science, and home ec

After all – you don”t always need books to learn. Learning life with day-to-day activities!

In our homeschool this week…

Monday –  A “I really don”t want to get out from under these covers” kind of day. The weather has been great. Windows opened with cool breezes coming in. Well, it got a little cool, and it was really hard to get out from under the cover. We did finally get to moving about mid-morning – had brunch – then it was time for co-op classes. Government, PE, and choir. And violin lessons.

Today was Day #1 of 30 Days of Prayer for our Nation! Not too late for you to join us in praying for our nation – just get the prayer guide and get started!

Tuesday –  This year I decided that we were going to do some read aloud and get some classical books read. We just finished Pride and Prejudice – which I have to admit I didn”t finish. The girls did so shhhhhh don”t tell them that Mom didn”t read the entire book. Waiting for some friends to get back in town so that we can have a tea and watch the movie 🙂  I took a vote to decide what to read next. Today we started Little Woman – maybe I can actually finish this with them!

We also worked on our Ecuador/Spanish unit study. We are slowly researching Ecuador and using Rosetta Stone to learn some Spanish. all in preparation for our mission trip after Thanksgiving.

I spent the afternoon sorting through yard sale donations. Completely overwhelmed at the amount of donations and the types of donations given by friends and church family.  Even had a friend donate an Ipad that we were able to sale to a lady who needed it to help with therapy for her autistic son – a blessing for us and for them!

Wednesday – Crazy busy day with extracurricular activities. Latin 3, Biology lab, and public speaking. Love that the girls have such great classes with our co-op! Here is the girls that are taking Latin 3 – along with their video “teacher,” Kirby . Loving these high schoolers and soon-to-be high schoolers 🙂

Thursday – We watched the Vice Presidential debate and then discussed some of the issues. Big Sis and Middle Sis have to write a paper for their government co-op class – pick three issues, the candidates arguments, and what they (the girls) believe about that issue. So thankful to have someone who enjoys and has worked in the political arena to help us teach this topic. All I can say is that it is time for us to pray, pray, pray, and pray some more!!!

Friday – Spent the afternoon organizing the yard sale. We had economics (pricing items), home ec (organizing), art (creating signs), and just good fun. I can”t wait to see how God uses this to provide for our mission trip.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

Be thankful for other moms/dads/friends/etc who have more knowledge on a subject and/or enjoy teaching subjects that you aren”t comfortable with. Get involved in a good co-op if there is one close to you.

I’m grateful for…

Church family who have helped organize our yard sale and who have donated items for the yard sale. AMAZED at the incredible support!!

I’m praying for…

Our nation and the upcoming elections; the yard sale on Saturday that will help support our international mission trip to Ecuador

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2 Responses to the week of the yard sale….

  1. Hope all goes well and you make everything you need!

  2. Praying for a great turnout and mission-minded buyers. Have fun!

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