a life of gratitude (1062- 1083)

Times when God’s love completely overwhelms. Why am I surprised when He does actually what He says He will do? Why do I try to take control when letting Him have complete control is so much better?

We prayed about it. It is time to move – put feet to the ground and be His hands and feet. We prayed. Introduce the girls to international missions. But how we will ever come up with the money for five people to travel to another country. We prayed again.

He provided – our Jehovah Jireh. He isn’t finished yet. We continue to wait for Him to complete it. And we know He will. He overwhelms.

1062. pants that no longer fit (too big) 🙂
1063. crock pot dinners
1064. this blog post from a friend that spoke to my heart
1065. a great friend who is willing to spend her afternoon sorting through donated yard sale items
1066. leftovers – yum!
1067. some AMAZING items donated to the yard sale
1068. talking with a friend in Montana – knowing that if we go years without talking that we will be able to pick up like we spoke yesterday. Love her!!!
1069. being able to turn the air conditioner off for a few days
1070. watching the Man lead Bible studies
1071. hearing a friend’s comment – “Wow, your girls are really hard workers. It is nice to see young people with a good work ethic.”
1072. setting up the garage sale with more stuff than we could ever imagine
1073. people showing up at first light to examine the things that others want to get rid of

1074. being part of a community that is international – families from Haiti, Honduras, South Africa, and the Dominican Republic showed up to buy stuff; and that was just the ones I talked to
1075. sharing our mission trip with a lady and learning that she has friends who were church planters in Quito – learning that their church is right beside the Extreme Response headquarters; it’s a small world after all!
1076. our Jehovah Jireh and His many provisions
1077. baptisms of new brothers and sisters in Christ
1078. an entire family (father, mother, and two daughters) turning their hearts over to the Lord
1079. sisters walking and talking about the verses read in Proverbs

1080. old television shows on NetFlix that the Man loves showing the girls – “now that’s some good tv” 🙂
1081. girls singing in the back seat
1082. reading words that pierce the heart and are remembered at exactly the moment of frustration when I need it the most
1083. dirty, bare feet that come along with an active girl who loves to be outside

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